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Antiparos Island Marinas - Greece

also known as Αντίπαρος

Famous for the tranquil atmosphere and the remote beaches, Antiparos island (Modern Greek: Αντίπαρος) is a beautiful addition to the Cyclades group. Home to approximately 900 inhabitants, the island is renowned for its impressive shorelines, breathtaking scenery and for its vibrant nightlife. The name of the island comes from the mythical Antiparos, one of the 50 sons of Aegyptos, a great king in Egypt.

The small island of Antiparos is found southwest of Paros and evidence would suggest that in times back, around the 5th millennium B.C., the two islands were connected. Like many Greek islands, it has a history troubled with constant pirate raids, ever since the Byzantine era. One of the most impressive landmarks of the island is The Cave of Antiparos, a stalactite wonder encountered on the south coast. Sitting above a 200 meter hill, and situated at approximately 13 kilometers from the main town, it dazzles visitors with a breathtaking spectacle of form, incrustations and uniquely-striking shapes in all sizes.

While here, one shouldn’t miss a visit to the superb Venetian castle, dating back to the 1820s. Found in Chora. The chateau is surrounded by a fortress and hosts four old churches: Christos, Agios Antonios, Agios Ioannis and Agios Nikolaos. Once passed through the old castle gate, visitors are immersed in a rare atmosphere and experience enchanting sensations from other times.

Antiparos shorelines, renowned for its green and blue waters, clean beaches with a peaceful environment, allure visitors with swimming at any time of the day. Glifa beach, a sandy wonder, is found 6 kilometers away from Chora in a rural setting that offers unspoiled views towards the near island of Paros. It is a family friendly beach, providing cooling shade from the hot sun to those enjoying an afternoon here. Panagia, one of the most picturesque shorelines on Antiparos is an ideal place for swimming. Found at a mere kilometer south from Chora, it is an excellent alternative for those seeking a peaceful atmosphere, privacy on the fine smooth sands of the island. Psaraliki is another beloved beach and it consists of two shorelines, Psaraliki I and Psaraliki 2. The waters here are particularly calm, since they are so close to the island of Paros and there is not enough physical space for the waves to increase before washing the shore. As such, there are a lot of families with small children who play in the shallow waters and relax on the shade of the trees. 

There are plenty of restaurants and taverns that indulge you with delicacies such as fresh, grilled octopus and a variety of fish, spaghetti with shrimps, delicious local cheese, such as mytzithra, alongside with a delicious glass of local wine. A delightful experience for all your senses, Antiparos is a must-see destination on your way!

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