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Arkoi Island Marinas - Greece

also known as Αρκοι

The Island of Arkoi resides within the gathering of islands laid on Aegean Sea called Dodecanese. The name of archipelago originates from the twelve islands which form it (dodeka-gr.12), although there is actually a larger amount of them. It is so uncommon in light of the fact that it has long and multifaceted history, and is additionally situated in a fascinating spot. It is on outskirt of Greece and Turkey, just 30km from the state in straight line.

The wonderful view from the island extends on distinctive islets surrounding it as well as already specified Turkey. Arkoi belongs to the municipality of Patmos, and has a population of merely 54 inhabitants, most of which live close to the main harbour with the rest living scattered around the island on higher ground. The majority of the population discover livelihood either in fishing, goat herding or can be found helping to run one of the island's four tavernas.

On the island, aside from serenity and calm, one can also discover at numerous breathtaking places as well as beaches. Tiganakia is the most celebrated beach, acclaimed for its blue, crystal waters, where you can get while strolling along shoreline on the path that takes you straight to the Sea. The beach is embraced by rocks which makes it convenient to sunbathe and go swimming, regardless of the possibility of a strong wind and the view across the bay to the nearby islets is idyllic. Distinctive, although equally splendid, are the beaches of Limnari, Padelia, Kapsaliasmenos as well as many other small, cozy bays.

After having rejuvenated and soaked up the sun on it's whimsical beaches, one might find himself in craving of exploring this untouched island. Here you can find numerous fascinating spots, such as the Italian control fortress (Italian soldiers occupying the island in time of World War II) , the many peculiar caves, which served as a shelter for the locals as well as many paths inviting to enigmatic places on the island. Like most Greek islands, Arki also has its churches, which paint the island in an enchanting palette. The most breathtaking appear to be arranged on one of the most noteworthy picturesque points- the church called Panagia. Apart from the quaint old interior, it is gifted with a splendid view on the surrounding islets, which during the sunset create magic moments.

Guests can pay their respects to other rare places of worship, such as Agioi Anargiri, Metamorphosi or Agios Lefterios. When darkness settles, the whole life of the island migrates to the taverns. The most acclaimed and best known from its meticulously prepared local dishes is Nicola's Tavern, situated in the central, most beautiful place on the island. From this square, you may gaze upon the horizon and let your eyes wander over the ships arriving to porto Augusto.

The most celebrated event of year, Panigiri, takes place in this same square on August 23rd. For this, the charming taverns place their tables outside and the celebration takes place till the early hours of dawn, accompanied by traditional music, the most savory dishes as well as the elegant Greek dances, in which tourists are invited to take part in. However the most vital piece of this island, which is brimming with positive vitality as well as astounding appeal, is the inhabitants, who are exceptionally open, hospitable and inviting, ensuring the eager return of satisfied tourists.

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