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Belize Marinas - Belize

also known as Belize

Belize is located in Central America, neighboring Guatemala to the South and Mexico to the North. This country’s Eastern coast is bathed by the Caribbean Sea which turned it into a top destination for tourists all over the world. Belize offers a wide range of exotic destinations that are not limited to the sea sight; there are also beautiful mountains, caves, and amazing tropical forests. The precious heritage of the Maya civilization is preserved in numerous artifacts and the country’s traditions and cuisine are a living proof of the country’s cultural diversity.

The early inhabitants of Belize were the Mayans who started to populate this area around 1500 BC and dominated it successfully for centuries. The colonial expansion brought the Spanish explorers here in the 16th century, but there were also other populations that thrived to dominate parts of the territory: the Baymen, a mixture of indigenes and early European settlers who were generally referred to as pirates and the Yucatáns, an Indian tribe. In the 18th century, the Spanish allowed the British to govern the territory and add it to the expanding oversea lands of their empire. Belize was dominated by the United Kingdom until the 20th century. Due to this prolonged foreign administration, the official language of the country is English and the currency is the Belize Dollar.

The country’s capital is Belmopan where you can visit the Belize Zoo, practice jungle hiking or enjoy exciting tours to Cave Tubingg, Barton Creek Cave or St Herman’s cave. There are many gift shops where tourists can find original souvenirs manufactured by the locals and there are also numerous dining places offering a wide variety of foods ranging from local cuisine to Chinese dishes and common Western varieties.

Belize City is the largest urban settlement in the country; a busy city with plenty nightlife opportunities and a vast range of accommodation possibilities. The city’s most wanted activities and sights are on the shore were tourists can enjoy the sun, the fine sands, and the sea’s waters by booking a berth.Other popular destinations in Belize are the ancient Maya city Altun Ha which hosts an impressive temple and the Lamanai Mayan Ruins which are equally beautiful and mysterious and can be reached through the beautiful New River Lagoon. Another famous Maya vestige is the Caracol, located on the Vaca Plateau, hosting the 43 meters high pyramid Canaa.

The Blue Hole offers a splendid view of the largest ocean sinkhole worldwide; there are multiple helicopter tours that take tourists to this area listed in the Unesco world heritage. Belize is rich in astonishing beaches with turquoise waters and fine sands like Caye Caulker; a coral island with breathtaking views. Placenica is another top destination with white sand and offshore corals. To enjoy the full benefits of the sightseeing, book a berth and take a long sea trip, there are multiple affordable options at its terrific relief, crystal clear waters and fascinating historic heritage, Belize is one of the best exotic destinations to spend and unforgettable vacation.