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Berkshire Marinas - England

also known as Berkshire

A fantastic region with immense historical value to the English people, Berkshire is a unique area in the southern part of England, very near the capital of England- London. It is one of the most ancient counties in the country and was first named in 860. Berkshire is one of the most well-known regions of England especially for the many battles that took place here. From the Civil War to the Battle of Reading, Berkshire has been the home of countless campaigns fought for the independence of the Kingdom.

The Highclere Castle is one of the most famous landmarks in Berkshire and is open for visitation all year round. Guided tours can be booked and provide the opportunity for you to visit the vast halls and narrow corridors. The most famous area of the landmark is the basement. Torture chambers and wine cellars make more that 90% of the castle’s basement. Experience the unique opportunity to see torture devices from that period. The Black Park is a local gem dedicated to the preservation of local flora as well as indigenous bird species. Take a walk down the long alleys and enjoy the fantastic sceneries from a boat gliding down the water of the lake. The wooded areas provide picnic spots that are the perfect place for you to relax with your loved ones. If you are searching for a location where you can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking, we suggest visiting Bracknell Forest.

This marvellous area is the home of countless unique bird species and beautiful flowers. During spring, they all bloom making the landscape one that you will never forget. If you decide to visit this extraordinary area, you should experience the restaurants in the vicinity. With deep rooted traditions in British cuisine, these outstanding venues offer menus fit for every taste and will transform every meal into a feast for a king. Here is a list of the best establishments that Berkshire hosts: Alta Restaurant & Wine Bar, Table Six Restaurant, Chez Nous, Bombay Bar & Grill, Flavours Restaurant, The Gateways Inn & Restaurant and Nudel Restaurant.

If you are searching for accommodations, the luxurious hotels and Holiday Inns in the vicinity will always be prepared to satisfy every taste and budget and will always welcome you with open arms. The top rated establishments in the area include names like Canyon Ranch, Chambery Inn, Mepal Manor and Spa, Blantyre, Briarcliff Motel and Hampton Inn & Suites Berkshires. Enjoy a peaceful and calm holiday in this marvellous county.

Make Berkshire the starting point of your adventure and you will not regret it. Your loved ones will always remember the unique experiences that this crown jewel of England offers and will want to experience it again.