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Brandenburg Marinas - Germany

also known as Brandenburg

Brandenburg is composed of 14 municipalities and the largest are Cottbus and Frankfurt. These remarkable cities provide tourists with exclusive sightseeing possibilities, beautiful buildings, museums and botanical gardens.

The Marble Palace is an imposing architectural marvel that will impress you with its superb style and immense size. The guided tours that can be booked will give you the opportunity to explore the long corridors, exceptional paintings and sublime botanical garden called The New Garden. Experience a relaxing afternoon on the small paved alleys of the gardens and admire the small ponds filled with koi fish and water lilies.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is now a modern museum and provides guided tours -that present the historical facts of World War I. Experience an authentic piece of history and admire military equipment, vehicles and torture chambers from that period. 

Zoo Eberswalde is one of the largest zoos in Europe and offers the opportunity for you to admire the exotic wildlife from all over the world. From Bengal tigers and African lions to Australian crocodiles and lizards, this zoo has it all. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your family in this fantastic venue. Your children will be - impressed when seeing the magnificent wildlife that Zoo Eberswalde hosts.

Stechlinsee Neuglobsow is a famous lake situated in Cottbus and dazzles tourists with its natural clear blue waters. A mineral spring located underwater gives this lake its blue cobalt water. It’s almost like you’re on a Greek island admiring the Aegean Sea. This area is truly unique and is open for visitation. Enjoy swimming in the shallow waters of this lake or hike the surrounding forests for the ultimate German experience.

Restaurants in this remarkable area will surely amaze you and will satisfy even the most pretentious of customers. With exceptionally well-trained personnel and extraordinary services, the restaurants in the vicinity are open all year round and will transform a simple meal into a unique cuisine experience. Here is a list of the top rated venues: Home Plate Restaurant, El Camino's Mexican Restaurant Jailhouse Pizza, Yum! Yum! Bakery Shoppe, BrandenBrew Restaurant, Little Dave's Roadhouse and Papa John's.