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Bursa Marinas - Turkey

also known as Bursa

The Province of Bursa is also known as Bursa Ili and Prousa and it is located in Turkey, in the north-western side of Anatolia. It is bordered by Kutahya, Bilecik, Sakarya and Yalova and it offers access to the Marmara Sea. This is an active region that is surrounded by green areas and a variety of monuments with a great importance to the Turkish heritage. The tourism is well-developed in this area, offering its tourists extremely valuable pieces of history, giving the fact that Bursa is considered to be the birthplace of the Ottoman Empire.

When visiting the city of Bursa, it is important to make some time for the mosques and the many spiritual areas here. Historical sources point that Bursa used to be the capital of the Ottoman State in the 14th century until Adrianople became the new capital. The great value of the city and its surroundings received recognition during the Ottoman period, which is why the community received the name of Hudavendigar (God’s Gift). The first known inhabitants of this territory were the Greek and the Romans. The city prospered beautifully thanks to its natural resources that allowed the traders to build strong commercial connections with other cities and countries in the world. The silk production used to be one of the most important income sources during the Ottoman times. 

Today, the city of Bursa is an important centre for the automotive industry, but also dairy products, beverages and processed food. The travellers who chose to visit Bursa will have the opportunity to discover the ancient buildings and the most important ancient places that made it through time. The religious buildings represent the main points of interest of the area. Also, the fortresses and city walls hide a great, ancient beauty. The tourists will be charmed by the architecture of the churches and by the simplicity of their beauty.

The tombs, madarsahs, museums, hammams, caravanserais, bridges and hotsprings also represent important touristic attractions. Emir Sultan Camii, Yesil Camii, Ulu Camii, Yildirim Beyazit Camii, the tombs of Sultans Osman and Irhan, Murat I Camii and many others form the religious and spiritual heritage of this city. The Irgandi Bridge, Bursa Town Hall, Gevya Han, the Swimming Stone Sculptures, the Clock tower are just a few of the most representative landmarks of Bursa.

The local organizations in Bursa offer the travellers city tours and private tours, so they can discover every piece of the old Ottoman Empire. Bursa is a complex city that is suitable for both relaxing activities and adventures. The architecture in this area is overwhelming but the visitors can also enjoy the modern side of the city, all year round.

Anyone is welcome to visit Uludag National Park, where a great ski resort is located. Those who are looking to spend a few relaxing hours can enjoy the spas and relaxing centres in Bursa, as well as the cinemas, the entertainment centres and the theatres. The tourists will find a lush nightlife in Bursa, the city being filled with cafes, bars and restaurants.

Everyone is invited to spend a great time in the Province of Bursa, a sublime place with many attractions for all tastes.