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Carrickfergus Marinas - Northern Ireland

also known as Charraig Fheargais

Carrickfergus District (Carraig Fhearghais in Irish, “rock of Fergus”) is located on the Eastern coast of Northern Ireland. It is a part of County Antrim, with headquarters in the town with the same name, locally known as “the Carrick”. It has a strong textile industry and a Rothman’s cigarette factory. Famous people such as Andrew Jackson (the 7th American president) and the writer Jonathan Swift have roots in this part of Northern Ireland.

The traditional food is a mix of Scottish and Irish heritage and pretty much alive among households and restaurants. The emblematic dishes have their roots in bread, cabbage and potatoes, ingredients that are still present in the modern cuisine. No trip to Ireland is complete without the Ulster Fry, the traditional breakfast, made with tatie bread, sausages, bacon, fresh tomatoes and a fried egg with a runny yolk. Other local specialities include champ (mashed potatoes with butter and fried spring onions), Irish stew (meat, potatoes, carrots and onions), Dulse (seaweed snack). Try the potato bread farl, potted herring, Guinness pie, butcher’s sausages, pasties (made from sausage meat, onions and mashed potatoes) and boxty (a starchy potato cake).

Are you taking food seriously? So does Ireland. The award winning restaurants are waiting for you to make a reservation and try their best dishes. Trust us, it won’t be easy choosing your favourite place. Carrickfergus Golf Club Restaurant, The Keep Grill, Papa Brown’s Grill, Ownies Bistro & Bar, Take Thyme, Bentra Grill, Sozo. You may also want to consider Gulliver’s Galley Cafe, The Swift, Courtyard Coffee House, Cafe Melee, Flipping Crepes, The Windrose Bar & Bistro and RJ’s.

You can either choose a luxurious hotel, a charming B&B, a quality inn or even a campsite or a holiday park. If flexibility is the key to a comfortable stay, you also have the option of a cottage, self-catering units or apartments. Most of them are pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry little friend with you. Here are some places you should check out before deciding where to book a room: Premier Inn Carrickfergus, Dobbins Inn Hotel, Calrion Hotel, Parklands, The Keep Guesthouse, Seascape Country House. Also, check out Blackhead Lightkeepers House, Bridge House B&B, The Old Inn, Courtyard Cottage or Abbeydene House.

Let’s see how you can spend your time when you are not in your comfy room or eating something delicious in a restaurant with a great view. Don’t miss out on a tour of Carrickfergus Castle, a well-preserved monument, a journey through history and time, where the staff will answer your every question. It is one of the best-preserved Norman castles in all the British Isles. The Knockagh Monument is a stunning monument dedicated to the fallen, and it offers a truly magnificent view of the sea and the green fields. St. Nicholas Church is very popular among tourists, as it mesmerized them over the years. It is a piece of Irish history, almost as old as the Carrickfergus Castle.

The rustic architecture, the imposing structure that beautifully completes the skyline and the old charm deep buried in its walls make it a truly astonishing attraction. Carrickfergus Marina is a lovely place if you want to watch the boats, feed the seagulls, hear fishermen stories and take in the fresh air. You could also take a tour of the museums and galleries: Carrickfergus Museum & Civic Centre, Swift Gallery, US Rangers Centre, The Gaswork Museum.

Want to try a game of golf? There are three courses you can visit: Carrickfergus Golf Club, Greenisland Golf Club and Whitehead Driving Range. Who knows? Maybe you will discover a new hobby.

Here is an interesting fact about the district. The town of Carrickfergus was the last scene for a witchcraft trial in Ireland in the 18th century, when eight women were convicted for bewitching a young girl. Cool and scary, right?