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Ceuta Marinas - Spain

also known as Ceuta

Ceuta is a multicultural city and a Spanish autonomous region that is known as an exclave of this country. Being located on the northern African coast, the region is bordered by Morocco and it is also known as Sibtah in Arabic. Ceuta has an exit to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and a beautiful marina. The city walls can be easily observed from far away and the historical heritage is exposed and shared with the travellers that chose to visit this amazing destination.

According to historical official sources, Ceuta’s existence was noticed before the 5th century BC, when this region was populated by Carthaginians and it represented an important trade and military point. The Romans took their place after a few centuries, then the Vandals, the Visigoths, the Greeks and the Arabs, leaving a lush culture and impressive traces behind. Monte Anyera, the mountain that is now guarded by a Spanish fort, separates Ceuta from Morocco and it always offered protection and shelter. Ceuta is the last colony that Europe had in North Africa and nowadays, it gathers four different cultures and religions.

The travellers have the opportunity to discover the Spanish treasures on African soil, turning their holiday into a mysterious journey. Ceuta has many attractions to offer, most of them combining modernism with history. For example, El Conjunto Monumental de la Murallas Reales is an electrifying fortification that is classified as a historical site where the navigable moats offer the tourists a great experience through which they can discover the insights of the ancient walls. Parque Maritimo del Mediterraneo is another popular attraction that represents a relaxation oasis. Casa de los Dragones is one of the most important landmarks in Ceuta and an architectural paradise. Plaza de Africa, Museo de la Legion or the Natural Park Garcia Aldave are charming places that will feed the hunger of knowledge and the desire of discovering the mysteries of the city.

Those who are passionate about the military events are welcome to visit Castillo del Desnarigado in Ceuta, which is a small fort and a military museum. There are several interesting museums that are worth visiting in the area, such as Museo de la Basilica Tardorromana, an underground, fascinating place, Museo de los Murales Reales, which is basically an art gallery, Museo de Ceuta, which hosts collections that express the ancient history of these lands, etc.

When it comes to outdoor activities, the travellers will be able to spend a relaxing time on the two beaches: Playa del Chorillo and Playa de la Ribera, where the panoramas, the wind and the sound of nature represent the perfect combination for romantic evenings and fresh beginnings of the day. This is the ideal destination for those who are looking to spend some time away from the exaggerated modernism of the largest cities of the world.

The tourists are welcome to discover a historical place with many influences, the Spanish passion and an inspiring architecture.