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Delaware Marinas - United States

also known as The First State

Delaware is an American state situated on the Northeastern territory of the country. Its neighbors are Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Atlantic Ocean borders this state and this is a strong asset that turns it into a great destination for tourists who come here to swim, enjoy beautiful beaches or sail and search for a proper berth booking solution that allows them to spend some quality time here.

Delaware’s territory was initially inhabited by the Native American tribes called the Algonquian.This land’s first European visitors were the Dutch explorers. They founded their first settlements here in the first half of the 16th century. Soon after, the English colonists came and claimed the area which they finally managed to possess. Nowadays Delaware takes great pride in being the first state of the union, by ratifying the Constitution on the 7th of December 1878.

Delaware is a very powerful state from the economical point of view; it has a strong industry, a rich agriculture and it is also home to countless top companies. Besides these assets, Delaware is also a beautiful touristic destination that lures travelers worldwide.

The state’s capital city is Dover and there are plenty cultural and historical attractions to be seen here. The Delaware Agricultural and Museum Village, the Delaware Legislative Hall, the Air Mobility Command Museum, John Dickinson’s House, the First State Heritage Park, the Biggs Museum of Art, the State House Museum, the Air Mobility Command Museum are only some of them.

The largest city in the state is Wilmington, another beautiful destination, frequently visited for its splendid gardens and fascinating museums. Some of the most popular attractions in this town are the Delaware Museum of Natural History, the Delaware Art Museum, the Delaware Children’s Museum, the Nemours Mansion and its surrounding gardens and the beautiful natural sight of the Brandywine Creek River and the fabulous surrounding 930 acres wide park.

Other natural beauties, that contribute to this state’s growing popularity are are: the Great Cypress Swamp, an immense area of wetland; the Rolling hills of the Piedmont, a picturesque area comprising a rich flora and fauna patrimony; the beautiful and intriguing landscape near rivers like Mississippi, Colorado, or White Clay Creek, Cape Henlopen State Park, and Gordons Pond.

Delaware is also proud to own some of the most attractive beaches like Rehoboth Beach, Broadkill Beach, Bethany Beach, Lewes Beach, Fenwick Island State Park or Slaughter Beach. These places offer a great wildlife refuge, and the best way to visit all of them is by sailing and berth booking. Marina offers many available berths tourists can check out.

With its scenic landscape and countless touristic facilities, Delaware is a must see destination in the States.