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Grand Cayman Marinas - Cayman Islands

also known as Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is one of the three Cayman Islands, an oversea land under the British Suzerainty. The Grand Cayman is the largest island of its family whose two other members are the Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Located in the Caribbean Sea, this island is a recurrent destination for travelers who come here to enjoy the crystal-clear waters and picturesque beaches.

The island’s recorded history began with the fists European expeditions in the 16th century. One of the first explorers to set foot on the Cayman Islands was Sir Francis Drake. The area was subject to both Spanish and British influences and claims. In the 19th century the islands were controlled by the Jamaica government, and in the 20th century, they opted for their submission to the British Crown. The continuous blend of cultures and civilization is carried on up to this day when more than 40% of the population is comprised of mixed ethnicities.

The official language spoken on Grand Cayman is English, and the local currency is the Cayman Island Dollar. The island is well provided with a vast range of touristic accommodation facilities, car rentals or berth booking services and tour guides.

Tourism is the main source of income in the region and there are plenty outdoor activities travelers can take up to like diving, snorkeling, sightseeing; there are wonderful reefs that can be easily reached by boat. For travelers who need to book a berth, there are plenty affordable options at

One of the most magnetizing beaches that lures hundreds of tourists every year is the Seven Mile Beach where people can enjoy the white sand and the immense exotic view. Other popular beaches in Grand Cayman are the Coe Wood Beach, the Spott’s Public Beach, the Starfish Point, the Cayman Kai Public Beach, Kaibo Beach, the Smith Barcadere, the Rum point.

Another fascinating location tourists prefer is the Stingray City where they can observe the large stingray population which inhabits these waters.

The botanical garden Queen Elizabeth II offers an extraordinary view due to its hundreds of plant and animal species.

The island’s capital, George Town, is another place that’s worth visiting: the city’s traditional architecture blends perfectly with modern buildings, the prices are affordable, and there are many  souvenir shops with handmade objects crafted by the locals and numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Grand Cayman is a great place to spend a memorable vacation with friends or lovers and take a break from daily routine.