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Laane Virumaa Marinas - Estonia

also known as Lääne-Virumaa

Laane Virumaa (or Laane Viru County) is one of Estonia’s 15 counties, located on the Northern coast. Laane Virumaa has accommodation for all tastes and budgets: Aqva Hotel & Spa, Hotel Wesenbergh, Park Hotel Palmse, Gartenhauschen Sireli, Gastehaus Eisma Kulalistemaja, Villa Theresa, Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa. You may also want to consider Merekalda Guesthouse, Toomarahva Tourism Farm, Guesthouse Katariina, Art Hotel, Palmse Manor Guesthouse, Adami Kulalistemaija, Manniku Home Accommodations, Uustalu Bed & Breakfast.

The Estonian cuisine has recipes that are traditionally based on potatoes, meat and fish. Although it has many original dishes, over the years some of them got foreign influences: German, Russian and Scandinavian. The four items that define the drinking and eating habits of the Estonian people are beer, vodka, rye bread and pork. Here are some of the traditional dishes you must try during your trip: rosolje (beetroot, potatoes and herring salad), pirukas (meat, cabbage, carrot and rice filled pastries). Smoked or marinated eel, and other types of fish, rhubarb pie and kringel (cardamom sweet bread) are other delicacies. You are probably used to hearing “Bon appetite” when your meal is being served, but the Estonians will wish you “May your bread last”. Eating out is a total delight and complete food experience for foodies everywhere, but mostly for seafood lovers. Book a table at some of these next places: Pihlaka Cafe, Laada Cafe, Villa Theresa Restaurant, Sagadi Manor Hotel, Altja Korts, Inglise Pubi, Turuplatz, 12 Kuud. Don’t forget to try Saarepiiga Cafe, Arabella, Jaama Trahter, Vergi Harbour Pub, Cafe Puhkepaik, Metsiku Piisoni Saloon, Kadaka Bar.

When it comes to visiting and exploring, there are a lot of fun things you can do and see. The main attraction in the area is Lahemaa, the first national park in Estonia; it is also the largest. The park offers many beautiful landscapes, including stony beaches, pine tree forests, historical and geological monuments, wild rivers and green areas as far as the eye can see. Rakvere Castle is an impressive building, with high walls and a torture room from the medieval times. Palmse Manor is a grand mansion built in the beautiful Baroque style, and it also has an open air museum, surrounded by the stunning Lahemaa National Park. Toolse Order Castle is a medieval building; the castle is situated nearest to the sea.

The Beaver Trail is a 1 km long trail through Lahemaa National Park. Take a short trip and see a diversity of animals and plants and “spy” on the beavers, as they build their dams or hide through tree trunks. Altja, first mentioned in the 15 century, is a seaside village where you can visit the beautifully restored farms of Uustalu and Toomarahva. Sagadi Forest Museum hosts displays of activities linked to hunting and woodwork. You can see the old and new ways of forest working and learn the tools used for planting and cutting trees. Rakvere Town Citizen’s Home Museum is the place where you can experience the life of the 19th century and see the habits of citizens in that period. Emumagi Hill is the highest point in Northern Estonia; the view from the top will leave you breathless, as you admire the beautiful surroundings and the forests.

Discover Estonia, discover Laane Viruma and make a top of your favourite places, tell your friends about them in such manner that they will want to come with you next time you visit. All in all, the precious moments you share in Estonia will forever have a place in your heart, and you will fondly remember them. What else do you need for a great vacation? You have an extraordinary cuisine, friendly and comfortable accommodation, awesome places to visit and historical sites everywhere you look.