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Lika-Senj Marinas - Croatia

also known as Ličko-senjska

Lika-Senj is one of the counties located in Croatia, on the coastal parts of this country with the capital in Gospic. The county is not as prosperous as the other counties, but it has to offers many natural reserves, like the National Parks and the historical sights. This region is not that populated, either, even though the majority of the population is between 19 and 60 years old. This region is divided into 4 towns and 9 municipalities. This region is perfect for camping and enjoying the rough nature.

The beauty of the cities stands in the close connection between the mountains and the sea. The tourists can visit the Velebit mountain which is extremely beautiful and after long walks, they can admire the clear waters of the sea. The energy here is given by the connection between the people and the nature, even though the population of approximatively 53 000 people cannot manage to turn this city into a modern, energetic one. The citizens of Lika-Senj believe that the nature is closely connected with our bodies and that we need to spend time with nature in order to charge ourselves.

Due to the lack of prosperity, some of the tourists live with the impression that there is nothing to do but walking and hiking in Lika-Senj, but the truth is that this region hides so much more than we can actually see at first sight. The patient tourists are those who have a taste for the raw nature through which we can even see our origins and they will discover amazing places to visit. Some of the most popular attractions here are the Bear sanctuary, a place where the orphan brown bears are held and taken care of , the Simuni Beach, a quiet and calm beach where the relaxation is a priority, Spiaggia di Rucica, a very natural, clean beach next to a small village, the Velebit Nature Park which is a national park, the Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre which is represented by a small place that remembers us of the great scientist, the Nehaj Castle, the Lukovo beach, the Cave Park Grabovaca, the Lika River, the Gacka Valley and the Museum of Lika .

For those who are passionate about the water sports, there are a few services that can provide you with scuba diving, sailing and trips. The nightlife is also something that the tourists can taste from at the Club Aquarius Zrce, for example, the Noa Club Beach Bar, Zrce Beach, Laguna Poesis, Papaya Club and Euphoria Zrce Beach. The outdoor activities, the historical centre, the water sports and the relaxing beaches define the region of Lika-Senj and it attracts curious travellers to enjoy the simple beauty of the county and its towns and villages.