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Medway Marinas - England

also known as Medway

A fantastic place of history located in the southern part of England, Medway is a marvellous area situated in south-east England with unique historical heritage and outstanding architecture. It was established in 1998 making it one of the newest counties in the country. The Medway River flows through the centre of this idyllic area making it the ideal place for a relaxing holiday.

One of the most famous touristic attractions in Medway is Upnor Castle. It is located on the shores of the Medway River and served as a fortress for British troops. The castle was constructed at the orders of Queen Elizabeth I and is still open for visitation. Guided tours can be booked and will take you through the narrow corridors and large halls, making you feel like royalty. The Guildhall Museum is another local landmark that was constructed in 1687. The exhibits in this architectural marvel are extraordinary and provide unique experiences. Visitors can touch a 200,000-year-old sword or unique artefacts that date back to the 16th Century.

The Brook Theatre is one of the oldest buildings in Medway and will impress you with its immense size and unique architecture. This venue is the host of Medway’s Comedy and Jazz festivals. With seats for over 3000 people, this outstanding building will transform a simple evening into a unique cultural experience that you will not forget. Rochester Cathedral is one of the most famous religious establishments in all of England and still provides services for the people. Guided tours can be booked and will allow you to visit the inside of this marvellous building. The paintings and religious artefacts inside the cathedral are stunning and will make your visit here one that you will never forget.

Accommodations can be found within the city and will ensure that you and your family and friends will be treated like royalty during your stay here. The luxurious hotels and apartment houses in the area are the best. The finest venues in the city feature names like Holiday Inn Rochester-Chatham, St George Hotel, Ramada Encore Chatham, King Charles Hotel and Bridgewood Manor Hotel.

If you decide to visit Medway, you should experience the restaurants in the area. With deep rooted traditions in British cuisine, these magnificent establishments will offer menus fit for every taste and budget and will transform every meal into a romantic experience. Here is a list of the top rated venues. Try the famous fish and chips in one of these unique establishments: Medway Café, Restaurant 45, Medway Lotus Restaurant, Muffin House Café, Medway Restaurant, Yama Fuji and Szechuan Garden. Prepare your family for the ultimate British adventure in Medway.

Enjoy excellent food and extraordinary history. Choose Medway as the starting point of your holiday and you will not regret it.

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