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Mykonos Island Marinas - Greece

also known as Μύκονος

This paradise of an island, also known as the island of the winds, is part of the Cyclades and lies between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. Fondly called "Ibiza of Greece", it is a vibrant summer setting for an impressive number of tourists each year, from the attraction seekers, crowd surfers, fun and night-long entertainment enthusiasts to those who wish to lay back on the beach and enjoy the radiant Greek sun.

Named after its first ruler, Mykons, as per Greek mythology, the son or grandson of the god Apollo and a local hero, the island has stood the testament of time and still dazzles in modern times, perhaps more than ever. Mykonos is also said to have been the battle arena between Hercules and the Giants, after having lured them from the protection of Mount Olympus. At the point when the great Hercules slaughtered them, he tossed them in the ocean where they transformed into immense rocks, shaping Mykonos.

The most remarkable beaches are found on the southern side of Mykonos island. Super Paradise, Paradise, Platis Gialos and Lia astound guests with the delicate sand and the sublime water. The beach bars are open throughout the day and draw in numerous guests. At night, crowds migrate to the Town, for glorious entertainment which takes place well until the hours of dawn. An air of nonchalance will wash over you as you step into Little Venice, one of the most bohemian spots on Mykonos island, who has taken over many a traveler’s hearts. Nested in a beautifully decorated neighborhood, with elegant old houses by the edge of the sea, this charming place captured the eye of famous artists and photographers worldwide. The sun peacefully sets on the horizon, but the magic is just getting started.

As the island’s famous windmills watch over it, you can enjoy an appetizing meal with one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world as a dinner companion. Carefully constructed from the finest variety of woods, dancing with the tempestuous wind that flows through them, the windmills are nowadays converted into museums and became landmarks of the island, although they were an important part of Mykono’s rodent agricultural heritage.

Peter the Pelican, the beloved mascot of the island, is a charming creature enchanting both children and adults alike. As per legend, more than 40 years back, a local fisherman was touched by a wounded pelican’s struggles and graciously decided to nurse it back to health. Upon regaining its strength, the pelican was set free once again, but instead of becoming airborne, the creature took to the island and made it its home, dazzling all eyes that laid on it.

Just a stone's throw away from Mykonos lies the mythical island of Delos. Known as the birthplace of Apollo, god of music, light and the sun, truth and prophecy, as well as his twin sister, Artemis, goddess of hunting. Although the earliest inhabitants of the island were Ionians, who brought the worship of god Apollo, it would later fall under the protection of the Ptolemies of Egypt, successors of Alexander the Great and move on to morph into a highly significant trading port.

The island is a paradise for water sport enthusiasts! It is only natural that the “Island of the Winds” should attract surfers and sailors from all over the world! There is a great choice of beaches for windsurfing; however, the most secluded ones are considered to be the best. Choose from Kórfos, Fteliá, Meyáli Ámmos and Kalafátis, where surfing lessons are also available. Play tennis or mini golf at Ayios Stéfanos, beach volleyball at Ayia Anna or try sea parachuting or jet skiing at Eliá or Kalafátis.