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Picardy Marinas - France

also known as Picardie

The region of Picardy is one of the most visited of France and it is one of the 27 important areas of the country. The lovers of the wine, beauty, architecture, natural landscapes and active vacation will definitely enjoy the journey in the region of Picardy. It encompasses 3 departments: Oise, Somme and Aisne. It its close vicinity, the region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Champagne-Ardenne, Ile-de-France and Haute Normandie are bordering this region. The most popular city in Picardy is Amiens but there are other cities of a great importance and a rare, French beauty, Beauvais is one of those cities, St-Quentin, Compiegne, Laon and Saint-Valery-sur-Somme.

The city of Amiens is the perfect destination for tourists all over the world that have a taste for the architectural styles that can be found here and who enjoy discovering the cultural and art heritage that the previous generations have left behind as their legacy. Some of the most popular places and sites of Amiens are the Notre-Dame d’Amiens Cathedrale, the House of Jules Verne, the Samara Parc, the Picardy Museum, the Floral Garden of the Digeon Castle, the Maison de la Culture and the superb Park of Grand Marais. There are tours that can be taken in Amiens, such as the Terres de Memoire Somme Battlefield Tours or the Somme-r-Ballade Tours. The nightlife in Amiens provides the locals and the tourists with plenty of entertainment in places like the Australian Bar or Le Newport.

Beauvais is another of the important cities in the region of Picardy, where the travellers will have access to amazing natural reservations and historical objectives that will amaze the tourists due to the fine condition of the buildings. The Beauvais Cathedral, the Saint Etienne Church, the Troissereux Castle or the National Gallery de la Tapisserie are some of the main landmarks in the city. The Plan de l’Eau du Canada, the Marcel Dassault Park or the Flower Markets are also amazing sights where the travellers can spend a wonderful time.

St. Quentin is a historically rich city, too, where the Battlefield Tours are extremely interesting and the Village des Metiers D’Antan & the Musee Motobecane are important touristic spots that are worth the travellers’ time. The St-Quentin Church or the Chemin de Fer touristique du Vermandois are also attractive objectives that played an important role in the history of the Picardy region.

The city of Compiegne is well-known for the unbelievably beautiful architecture of the main buildings and the historical treasures that are still standing tall. The most convincing examples are the Imperial Palace of Compiegne, the Hotel de Ville de Compiegne, the Imperial Theatre, the Museum of the Historic Figurine or the Museum and National Domain of Compiegne. Laon and Saint-Valery-sur-Somme are touristic cities that offer amazing vacations due to the sunny weather and the compelling nature of the cities.