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Salamis Marinas - Greece

also known as Salamína

The charming island of Salamina is the largest in the Saronic Gulf, found about 2 kilometers from Piraeus and 16 kilometers west of Athens. The main city on the island, also named Salamina, resides in the western part of the crescent, on the picturesque Salamis Bay, which opens into the Saronic Gulf. Paloukia, the main port of the island, located on the eastern side, is the second largest port of Greece, after Piraeus.

Homer, the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey also revered as the greatest of Greek epic poets, mentions Salamis in his writings. According to the myth, the name Salamina (Salamis) was given to the island by Kychreas, the first king of the island, in honor of his mother Salamis, one of the five daughters of the river god Asopos. However, modern linguistics favors a theory according to which ’Salamis’ comes from the root Sal- (meaning salty water) and -amis (meaning the middle), resulting in the place amid salty water.

You will find many a noteworthy landmarks and sights, which cater to all tastes and passions. For instance, the Salamina Folk Art and History Museum, hosting exhibits of the island’s history, a collection of local costumes, as well as furniture, agricultural tools, weapons and a charming display of ceramic items. Furthermore, in the area of Paloukia, one will encounter the Maritime museum, a delight for all those interested in cannons and torpedoes, beautifully exhibited in an outdoor museum.

The ancient port should also be included in your traveling plan, as it played a major role in the economic development of the ancient city of Salamis, in addition to setting the scene for the famous naval battle of Salamis. The port resides in the area of Ambelakia, considered to be the oldest on the island, located just 4 kilometers south of Salamina.

Furthermore, there are many places of worship to visit, where guests can experience peaceful moments of tranquility. Faneromeni Monastery, Ayios Nikolaos Kalyvitis and Ayios Dimitrios Church quietly await for your discovery. The island is most popular for holiday and weekend getaways from Athens and Piraeus, ensuring the ideal relaxing scenery for hundreds of thousands. It has a highly developed service industry sector, as there are many cafes, bars, ouzeries, taverns and shops scattered across the island.

Salamina is blessed with many wonderful beaches, especially on the southern side. Charming shorelines such as Selínia, Kanákia, Faneroméni, Saterlí and Kakí Vígla await your arrival and are prepared to delight you with soft sand, clean waves and blissful shade, for an ideal rejuvenating holiday.