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Skiathos Island Marinas - Greece

also known as Sciathos

Skiathos (Greek: Σκιάθο) is a marvelous island that belongs to the cluster of Sporades, in the district of Thessaly Greece. It’s a cosmopolitan destination with many intriguing attractions, a wide choice of inns and restaurants as well as stunning beaches.

The island has a turbulent history, marked by the Venetians, the Byzantines, the Ottomans and the pirates and this sheds light on the large number of various sightseeing opportunities guests have in this little paradise in the northwest Aegean Sea, Greece. According to legend, Skiathos gravely suffered from pirates attacks during the Byzantine era, but also during the Venetian and the Ottoman occupation, which started in 1538. Skiathos history is linked to the infamous pirate Barbarossa, who was the mastermind behind the Ottoman fleet. After a siege that lasted 6 days, the fierce pirate took over and looted the island.

A great part of this Greek island is wooded with Aleppo Pineand, a little Stone Pine forest at the Koukounaries area where there is a breathtaking lagoon and a beloved beach. The island's timberlands are potent on the southwest and northern parts, however the presence of pine trees, with their unique scent, is prevalent through the island. Here you may explore the house of Alexandros Papadiamantis, one of Greece’s most prominent writers and poets, located on the eastern part of the town, in a small dead-end street. His house was built by his father in 1860, it consists of two floors and it’s quite simple. Today it’s an established museum, with the writer’s books, clothes and various artifacts.

An impressive attraction, Kastro was established around the 14th century by the residents of Old Skiathos Town, in order to hide from the pirates that looted the island –and the entire Aegean. The remnants of the old buildings, the four remaining churches, a small part of the walls, a mosque, two water tanks and a big canon are there to remind tourists of the castle’s glorious past. Bourtzi, a small peninsula in the middle of the capital’s main port, is another noteworthy landmark which hosts the remnants of an old castle built in 1204. In 1906 it was turned into an elementary school and today it’s a beautiful leisure landscape with lush vegetation, lovely Aegean views and a delightful summer theater, mostly used for cultural events.

Lake Strofilia, located on the southwestern part of the island, right behind the famous beach of Koukounaries is considered a place of grand ecological importance by many European environmental programs and official organizations.

The landscape of the rare wetland is breathtaking and nature lovers will get the chance to see up close many whimsical species of flora and fauna. The best beaches in Skiathos Greece include, Troulos, Lalaria, Achladies and Megali Ammos. Koukounaries, in particular, is ranked among the best coasts not only in Greece, but also worldwide.

It is one of the longest, most breathtaking and well-organized beaches of the island, with excellent tourism infrastructure, welcoming you and your loved ones for a splendid holiday.