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Skyros Island Marinas - Greece

also known as Σκύρος

Skyros (Greek: Σκύρος), a place with vivid tradition and special character, is located in the center of the Aegean Sea, being the southernmost but also the largest of the Sporades archipelago. Around the 2nd millennium BC and slightly later, the island was known as The Island of the Magnetes where the Magnetes used to live, after that following Pelasgia and Dolopia and finally Skyros.

According to Greek mythology, Theseus, the founder-king of Athens died on Skyros when he was tossed from a cliff. The north of the island is coated by forest, and incorporates the majestic Mount Olympus (403 m), while the south, ruled by the highest mountain, called Kochila, (792 m), is exposed and rough.

The island's capital is also named Skyros (or, generally, Chora). Its main port, located on the west drift, is Linaria. and upon exploring, guests will be enchanted by the island's castle (the kastro), dating from the Venetian occupation, a charming Byzantine monastery (the Monastery of Saint George), the grave of English artist Rupert Brooke at Tris Boukes harbor. Additionally, the island's coasts are blessed with numerous shorelines on the coast.

One of its individual traits of Skyros Island is the rare breeds of Skyrian ponies. The mountains to the southeast of Skyros town are home to this unique breed of ponies which thrive on the island since their introduction there by the Athenians in the 8th century BC. They can only be found on Skyros and they number only a few hundreds today. Since the old times the ponies have lived, evolved and developed their unique characteristics here isolated from the rest of the Greek islands and the mainland. It is said that the ponies of Skyros, famous for their endurance, were used by the army of Alexander the Great during his conquests and the travel to Asia.

The Monastery Tower of Agios Georgios (Saint George) in Skyros, yet another notable landmark, stands in the Castle above Chora, the capital of Skyros, providing a breathtaking view overlooking it. This monastery was most likely built in the middle 13th century and it first belonged to the Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople. However, since the middle ages the monastery belongs to the Megisti Lavra monastery of Mount Athos. 

Chora is located along the slopes of a hill, offering great view to the Aegean Sea. Here you have a chance to stroll around the narrow streets of Chora, have a relaxing beverage and explore the Medieval Castle above the town. The most popular beach on the island is Molos, with fine sand, clean water, plethora of tourist facilities and unwinding atmosphere, especially during sunset. Additionally, there are equally beautiful places with fewer facilities and totally relaxing atmosphere such as Atsitsa beach, Agios Fokas or Pefkos beach, a scenic beach surrounded by lush greenery.

Ferry to Skyros Greece departs from the port of Kimi in Evia island, religiously taking guests in the midst of this paradise, while in summer there is local ferry connection to Skopelos and Alonissos.