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Syros Island Marinas - Greece

also known as Siros

Syros (/ˈsaɪrɒs, -roʊs/; Greek: Σύρος) known also as Siros or Syra is an island located in the Aegean Sea, found among the Cyclades, at mere 78 nautical miles south-east of Athens. Owing much of its particular allure to the architecture, with Venetian and Neoclassical touch, the island is a spectacular holiday destination luring in tourists and dazzling them with scenic spots and majestic constructions, especially in Ermoupolis, the capital.

Most the island is unspoiled by commercial tourism, due to the fact that a large portion of its inhabitants earn their living in the textile, dairy farm and similar industries. This fact conveniently overlaps in making Syros an ideal destination for those looking for a traditional Greek holiday spot, all the while socially active community. Most towns of Syros are petite yet bloom with absolute beauty. They are clearly a unique combination of the Venetian and the Cycladic architectural style.

Despite the fact that Ermoupolis and Ano Syros are the most acclaimed towns, with unique structural engineering and floating in a Medieval air, other villages such as Kini, Poseidonia, Finikas, Galissas, Vary Village or Azolimnos are equally deserving of your attention upon exploring the island. One cannot remain impervious to the welcoming nature of the locals, or to specialties gracefully prepared, such as Kaparosalata (salad with caper), Maintanosalata (salad with parsley), Frisoura (appetizer), Delagraciano, Ladopita, Marathopita, Sfougato, San Michali cheese or Loukoumi (dessert), which will surely make your trip a delicious memento.

Walking in The Archaeological Museum of Syros, founded in 1835, one of the oldest in Greece will be an immensely gratifying cultural experience. Located in the splendid neoclassical building of the Town Hall, the museum exhibits various collections of finds from excavations in Syros such as prehistoric finds from the fortified settlement at Kastri and the cemetery at Chalandriani, dating to the Early Bronze Age (3rd millennium B.C.). It also houses rare finds from the ancient city of Syros and other Cycladic islands. The breathtaking Miaouli square, another landmark of the island, is one of the most exquisite in Greece. Dominated by the majestic building of the Town Hall, it is home to a tall palm tree which casts its shadows on the small cafes and restaurants, causing an unwinding air, ideal for guests which crave relaxation.

The Apollon Theatre, majestically reigning Vardaki square, will captivate you with its unique charm. The building was designed by the French architect Chabeau and it is a replica of La Scala in Milan and should be included in everyone’s tour of the island of Syros. Furthermore, the many churches of Syros cast a spiritual glare upon the island and definitely worth a visit. Kimisi tis Theotokou, an orthodox church located in Miaouli square is famous for housing the “Dormition of the Mother of God”, a masterpiece made by Greek painter El Greco. This being said, the most important orthodox church of the island remains the church of Metamorphosis, which is also the seat of the orthodox bishop of Syros.

The unique mixture of intrinsic beauty, the cultural air and the cordiality of her inhabitants is exceptional and it will make your get-away in Syros beyond extraordinary.