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Troms Marinas - Norway

also known as Troms

The home of the fjords and the most colorful county in Norway - Troms is a county situated in the north of Norway and is bordered by Finnmark and Nordland. It is a local gem that will allow tourists to experience both cultural as well as outdoor activities. Providing access to the Atlantic Ocean is this area’s greatest asset. This unique positioning brings nautical sports right to you and features activities like water skiing, kayaking, canoeing and diving.

Dividalen National Park is a national reservation dedicated to saving the endangered indigenous wildlife and offers guided tours that will take you through steep valleys, incredible waterfalls and rocky shores. The Arctic Botanical Garden is a place where you can experience the local flora at its best. From the Fringed Pink, Blue Anemone and Norway Spruce to the famous Sneezewort, this botanical garden has them all.

The county is put on the map by a total of 25 municipalities, the largest being Tromsø, Skjervøy and Bardu. These three districts have the rich historical background and will connect you to the history of Norway.

Tromsø is the biggest city in the area and will provide access to the natural wonders of the county. Polaria is an aquarium of indigenous sea creatures including Killer Whales and Bearded Seals. The aquarium contains a large number of native fish species and is dedicated to the conservation of the local wildlife.

Skjervøy is a city with deep roots in the fishing industry. It is the perfect area to enjoy fresh seafood in the many ports or you can enjoy fishing on the shores of the fjords. Skjervøy Church is the most visited religious establishment in the area. It was constructed in 1728 making it one of the oldest venues of its kind in the whole country. With seats for over 225 people, this local landmark will amaze you with its gorgeous paintings and incredible choirs.

Bardu is the host of the largest reservation of indigenous predator species in all of Norway. Brown bears, lynx, wolverines and wolves are the inhabitants of the Polar Park and will offer you the experience of your life. Guided safaris can be booked, and you will be able to see these impressive carnivores hunt in their natural environment.

Restaurants in this county are - magnificent and are fit for every taste and budget.  These locations are open all year round and will always welcome you with open arms and cheerful personnel. Here is a list of the best establishments in the county: Riso mat & kaffebar, Bardus bistro, Emma's Drommekjokken, De 4 Roser – Tromso, Fiskekompaniet, Compagniet Restaurant, Skarven and Roast Tromso.

Troms is also the host of numerous accommodation facilities appropriate for every requirement and budget. Establishments in the area will astonish you with impeccable service, exceptionally well-trained staff that will ensure your stay here is one that you will never forget. The top rated hotels feature names like Malangen Brygger, Sommarøy Arctic Hotel, Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora, Amalie Hotel and Scandic Ishavshotel.