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Upper Normandy Marinas - France

also known as Haute-Normandie

The Upper Normandy region is known by this designation since 1984 when Normandy was split into the two regions that are being recognised today as the Upper Normandy and the Lower Normandy. The Upper Normandy represents the smallest region in France, but it contains amazing sights and beautiful, picturesque villages that are breath taking.

There are two urban centres in this region that are well-reputed for their architecture, historical importance, cultural significance, arts and entertainment. These two cities are Rouen and Havre. Other important cities are Dieppe, Evreux, Fecamp, Le Grand-Quevilly, Le Petit-Quevilly, Mont-Saint Aignan, Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Sotteville-les-Rouen and Vernon. The tourists who will visit this region will discover an endless beauty within the cities and villages that have spectacular views towards the Mediterranean Sea, where the brandy and the apple cider, the butter and the cheese, the sauce Normande, the andouillet, the sea fruits and the wines will make them feel heavenly.

The history has left its marks over the territories of Upper Normandy, in times of war and in times of joy. Rouen is a metropolitan area that is extremely busy all year round and the most vibrant city in Upper Normandy. The buildings in this city cover a variety of architectural styles and ancient buildings are everywhere. Some of the main landmarks that are quite impressive from this point of view are the Notre Dame de Rouen Cathedral, the Palace of Justice, the Bourgtheroulde Hotel, the Parlement de Normandie and many more. The museums in Rouen will satisfy the tourists’ hunger for historical knowledge. Some of the most popular museums are the Museum Secq des Tournelles, the Musee des Beaux Arts de Rouen, the Ceramics Museum, the Flaubert Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Antiquities. From a cultural point of view, this city offers thrilling sights and Churches, such as the Rue du Gros-Horloge, the Church of St , the St. Ouen’s Abbey, the Cote Sainte-Catherine and the Church of St Joan of Arc.

This busy city also offers relaxing activities and it has plenty of bars and restaurants that can be enjoyed by the travellers while tasting the French cuisine that best represents Upper Normandy, a region filled with high cliffs, turquoise waters, rich vegetation and welcoming locals