Otok Vele Orjule Anchorage
Otok Vele Orjule Anchorage

Anchor allowed

The anchorage in Otok Vele Orjule is allowed. Rocks cover the seabed in Otok Vele Orjule. Coordinates The latitude in Otok Vele Orjule is 44° 29' 33.5069" N and 14° 33' 39.6950" E and the longitude is .
Seabed of sand
Otok Vele Orjule's seabed is made of sand.

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Weather in Otok Vele Orjule

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The neighborhood

Otok Vele Orjule is located at 44° 29' 33.5069" N and 14° 33' 39.6950" E in Primorje-Gorski Kotar , Croatia

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This map shows Otok Vele Orjule's specific location.