2016 has been a memorable year for yacht racing lovers. Throughout the year, we had the chance to attend or follow some of the most exciting sailing events and support our favorite teams. In this post, we are going to summarize this year’s best moments as they were captured by expert photographers. Here are some of the most impressive sailing photos that inspired us.

1. Sailing and wine

This great photo was taken by Aron Szanto at The Blue Ribbon Regatta held on Lake Balaton, Hungary. The photographer took advantage of the beautiful clouds after the rain and chose to have the shooting from a vineyard, giving a unique perspective to the competition.


Copyright: Aron Szanto | Photo source: yachtracingimage.com

2. Surreal waves

This artistic photo was taken at the 2016 St Barths Bucket Regatta. What we have here is the beautiful Emmaline yacht that sails fearlessly into the Caribbean waters despite the immense wave that seems ready to swallow it voraciously.


Copyright: Tim Thomas | Photo source: yachtracingimage.com

3. A splash of color

Our number three choice pictures a colorful presence at Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 2016 held at Porto Cervo, Sardinia. Photographer Gianfranco Forza used a Canon 1D S Mark III and a Canon EF 100-400mm to capture this intense team moment and the lovely fuchsia spinnaker ready to catch new wind.


Copyright: Gianfranco Forza | Photo source: yachtracingimage.com

4. Follow the guiding light

This story-tale atmosphere was captured on the occasion of the Beaufort Cup 2016. The focus is on the imposing rocky landscape at West Cork featuring the massive Fastnet lighthouse. The most prominent yacht that passes by the lighthouse is the True Penance, skillfully guided by David Branigan. This race involved a dozen teams of military and emergency professionals.


Copyright: David Branigan | Photo source: yachtracingimage.com

5. The upside-down effect

At first glance, this picture can easily fool anyone. Its mirroring effect doesn’t allow us to distinguish the moving yacht so easily. This memorable shot was taken at this year’s Millennium Cup held in New Zeeland. The protagonist is Janice of Wyoming sail yacht.


Copyright: Jeff Brown | Photo source: boatinternational.com

6. The wind is blowing

This incredible photo was taken with an underwater camera at this year’s Alcatel J/70 Cup. What we see on this windy and rather cloudy day is the Enfant Terrible – Adria Ferries that managed to tie for the second place in the competition.


Copyright: Mauro Melandri | Photo source: edition.cnn.com

7. We can do it

Finally, our last choice went for this photo that will surely stick in your mind. Taken at the 23rd edition of the Regata Illes Baleares Classics in Mallorca, this expressive photo of the Marigan crew shows us how important it is to work together pursuing a common goal.


Copyright: Nico Martinez | Photo source: yachtracingimage.com

We hope you enjoyed this gallery comprising some of the most remarkable sailing photos of 2016. Can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us.