The Dominican Republic is a top touristic destination for those who love the sea and venturing into the wildlife. The place offers some of the most astonishing sights and there is also much to learn about the local art and history. If you choose the Dominican Republic as your next holiday destination, here are some of the most beautiful places you must see.

Playa Rincón

This huge strip of sand is the best destination for those who want to get away from the crowd and enjoy a relaxing vacation by the seashore. This beach is guarded by a vast forest of palm trees and there are several places where you can try some fresh local dishes. Berth reservation is easy and affordable and so is finding an accommodation option.


Playa Rincón, Dominican Republic | Photo source:

La Romana

La Romana draws hundreds of tourists who want to admire Casa de Campo, an elegant resort designed by the famous Oscar de la Renta. Here you can also learn more about the indigenous population of the area if you visit Altos de Chavón, an establishment which reflects the lifestyle and living conditions of the traditional 16th-century craftsmen’s village.


La Romana, Dominican Republic

La Isabela Bay

This is another terrific destination for history lovers. This was the first colonial establishment in the Americas. Tourist can venture on tracks and admire the romantic view of the ruins and there are also amazing beaches you can stop by.


La Isabela Bay ruins, Dominican Republic | Photo source:

Samaná Bay

Samaná Bay is a splendid location for sightseeing. The place is crowded with islets and offers plenty getaways for those who want to relax and enjoy the sound of the waves. Another top attraction in this area is whale’s watching; the humpback whales gather here yearly to breed. You can easily reserve a berth if you want to explore this zone and guided tours are also available.


Samaná Bay, Dominican Republic | Photo source:

Santo Domingo’s Historical Area

Santo Domingo is famous for what locals call ‘Zona Colonial’, a historical area where tourists can admire the vestiges of the colonial period. There are plenty architectural proofs of those remote times and also a lot of places where you can shop or stop for  a drink and a tasty seafood specialty.


Catedral Santa María La Menor, Dominican Republic | Photo source:

With its amazing natural sights and rich cultural patrimony, the Dominican Republic is a fascinating destination that can please all tastes. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to see these major objectives when you get here.