Corsica Classic is one of the most exciting sailing races in the Mediterranean. The name of this regatta is, of course, the result of the splendid island that hosts this competition. Corsica, also called L’Ile de Beauté (the Island of Beauty), for obvious reasons, has been welcoming participants from all over the world to this renowned yachting event for the past 10 years.

This year, Corsica Classic is taking place between 23rd August and 2nd September. Here are some highlights of the upcoming edition and some general info about this sailing race that is gradually turning into a tradition.
Corsica Classic Regatta

What happens every year:

  • Corsica Classic lasts for 15 glorious days during which competition is complemented by fun activities and effervescent parties
  • the yachts taking part in this regatta sail around the coast of Corsica, passing by many splendors of this island from the capital Ajaccio to Saint-Florent
  • Corsica Classic is a fascinating parade of refinement where you can admire heritage vessels in all their splendor
  • some of the yachts that took part in this regatta during the past 8 years were more than 100 years old
  • the boats enrolling for this competition are carefully restored so that you can admire their original aspect
  • despite the inherent opulence of this nautical event, absolutely everyone is welcomed here, from the humblest bowman to celebrities and businessmen
  • to participate in the competition, you are not required to pay an admission fee for your vessel, just a registration fee for each crewman

… and this year

  • in 2018, the vessels will display their beauty and skill by sailing on a route that starts form Ajaccio and finishes in Saint-Florent
  • the total length of the route is 218 miles and the vessels will be able to dock in 7 ports along the way
  • it is the third consecutive year when Ajaccio plays the part of the host by welcoming the crewmen on the first day of the competition
  • the fleet will depart from the renowned Charles Ornano port, before the dreamy eyes of the spectators
  • some of the locations that make up this year’s route include: Golfe du Valinco, Bonifacio, Golfe du Valinco, Les Cerbicales, Sari-Solenzara, Macinaggio
  • every evening, the yachts will be moored in a different picturesque location where the day’s hard work will be rewarded with fine foods and exquisite beverages
  • this year’s participants come from different countries including Italy, Germany, the US, England, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada
  • some of the participants that will compete in the 9th edition of Corsica Classic are Classique Marconi, Esprit de tradition, Epoque Marconi, Epoque Aurique
  • the organizer of this year’s edition is association Corsica Classic Yachting, an affiliate of Fédération Française de Voile, Association Française de Yacht de Tradition
  • Le Yacht Club de France is supporting the 9th edition of Corsica Classic

Corsica Classic Regatta 2018

Corsica Classic’s Calendar



Elegance and tradition, competition and friendship blend during this unique event that celebrates yachting tradition. Whether you are a novice in the art of sailing or a true connoisseur, the Corsica Classic regatta is an event that deserves to be on your must-see list.