How to choose a Caribbean island for sailing, yachting and boating – part III

Still interested in finding the best Caribbean island for sailing? Please read below our suggestions from the 3rd part.

  • Haiti

Haiti is one of the most popular Caribbean sailing destinations. This island is part of the Greater Antilles and its capital city is the fascinating Port-au-Prince. Here tourists can embark on amazing city tours, taste some fine fish specialties, spend a relaxing day at the SPA and a memorable night in one of the numerous bars and clubs.

plan a holiday in Haiti

Planning a trip to Haiti?

Perfect for: sightseeing, nightlife, gourmets


  • Martinique

Located in the Lesser Antilles, Martinique is another must-see destination on your sailing trip in the Caribbean Sea. This charming island will provide you the typical French leisure atmosphere as well as a diversified range of accommodation options.

Planning a Trip in Martinique?

Planning a holiday in Martinique?

Perfect for: relaxing on a quiet seashore, sightseeing, boating,

For a marina reservation in this area, our recommendation is to moor at the local Marina du Marin.


  • Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a Caribbean island that also enjoys the privilege of being bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. This advantage turns it into a recurrent destination for those who are fond of sailing and water sports. Beautiful views, fresh fish dishes, and historical vestiges are other assets of this island.

holiday in Saint Lucia

Planning a holiday in Saint Lucia?

Perfect for: sailing, yachting, city touring

If you’re also looking for a mooring here, check out the options provided by the Capella Marigot Bay Resort and Marina.


  • St Vincent & the Grenadines

St Vincent & the Grenadines are the meeting point of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This territory praises itself with an impressive historical patrimony that testifies the dominance of the two major empires who reigned here, the French and the British. Moreover, this island is also an ideal refuge for those who want to reconnect with nature and practice water sports.

plan a holiday in St Vincent & the Grenadines

Planning a holiday in St Vincent & the Grenadines?

Perfect for: boating, sailing, diving, sightseeing


  • Trinidad

Trinidad is another famous island that constantly lures thousands of tourists from all over the world. Those who choose Trinidad as their destination won’t be disappointed by the island’s flourishing tourism which amounts to luxurious resorts, the finest dining facilities, and countless opportunities to enjoy this paradise from dusk till dawn.

holiday in Trinidad

Planning a holiday in Trinidad?

Perfect for: nightlife activities, SPA relaxation, fine dining options

Tourists who are looking for a mooring option in this Caribbean location should opt for the Trinidad and Tobago Yacht Club located on Trinidad Island.


A tour in the Caribbean Sea is a fascinating experience for sailing experts and novices alike. This region’s natural conditions offer the perfect setting for all types of water activities and its splendid islands are the perfect place for a dream vacation.

These amazing places are just the tip of the iceberg. Discover even more breathtaking destinations in Part I and Part II.