How to pay the TEPAI tax online

How to pay TEPAI online

TEPAI-Greek cruising tax is payble only for the time the yacht is cruising in the Greek Waters and it can be paid on a monthly basis or yearly basis.

This is a step-by-step guide to pay the TEPAI Greek cruising tax online.

Step 1 – Make sure you are registered with the Greek Cruising Tax portal:

  1. Go to –
  2. Select a flag to choose your preferred language (right upper side)
  3. Click ‘Register’
  4. Fill in the short form and wait for a confirmation email
  5. Click the ‘here’ button in the verification email and login

Step 2 – Submit a new application to pay the TEPAI Greek Cruising Tax

  1. Click on ‘New application’
  2. Select your vessel type
  3. Complete the vessel information within each section ‘Ship Info’, ‘Person Info’ and ‘TEPAI Info’
  4. If you need to put on hold the entire process, you can save and return to your application by clicking the ‘Temporary Submitted’ (the green button)
  5. When everything is done from your side, go ahead and hit ‘Submit’ (the red button)
  6. Now, you should receive an email with 2 attachments. Print both of them off and save them digitally. You will need to show these to the port police when arriving.

Step 3 – Pay your Greek cruising tax online

  1. Find your 20-digit ‘eParavolo’ (numbers) payment code within the email attachments
  2. Login to your online banking
  3. Setup a new payment (overseas payment)
  4. Enter the following recipient information:
    • Recipient Bank: International Authority for Public Revenue (AADE)
    • Address (if requested): Sina 2-4, Athens, 106 72
    • Swift code: BNGRGRAA
    • IBAN: GR1201000230000000481090510
    • Remittance Info: [insert your 20-digit payment code] – this code is VERY important to get right. If you don’t include this accurately, the payment will not be recorded against your application and you could be fined.
  5. Select the option to pay in Euros
  6. Submit payment and take a screenshot, photo or print the confirmation as evidence of payment.
  7. The payments are taken at 3pm (CET) each day, so this is when you can expect the funds to be withdrawn from your account.

After a couple of days, login to your eTEPAI account once more and check payment has been received. Your payment status can be found to the right of your application and it should read ‘ΠΛΗΡΩΜΕΝΟ’, which is Greek for ‘paid’.

How much does the Greek Cruising Tax cost

LOAMonthly rate (€)Annual Rate (€)Fine (€)
7-8 m16172.8382
8-10 m25270600
10-12 m33356.4796
12-13 m961036.82252
13-14 m1041123.22348
14-15 m1121209.62444
15-16 m12012962540
16-17 m1281382.42636
17-18 m1361468.82732
18-19 m1441555.22828
19-20 m1521641.62924
20-21 m16017283020

Tips and tricks

  • The postcode field will only accept five characters, so only insert the first five and make sure there are no spaces between the characters.
  • Make sure there are no spaces between the characters of your 20-digit eParavolo code.
  • If your bank wouldn’t allow for 20-digits to go in the ‘remittance info’ or ‘reference’ box, you must use a different bank account.
  • If the International Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) rejects your payment, you have to double-check you entered your eParavolo code correctly. Otherwise, you can try another registered recipient (Collection Authority), for example, the Bank of Greece:
    • Recipient Bank: BNGRGRAA (Bank of Greece)
    • IBAN: GR1201000230000000481090510
  • If the amount paid returns to your bank account, please read the previous step.
  • Make sure you print off what you can and save as much as possible digitally, this will just make your life easier with the Port Authorities.


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