It seems that some of Nadal’s most intimate passions are the sea and the nautical world and, as he was born and lived in Mallorca, he has always had this luxurious dream of owning a boat. After visiting this year the nautical exhibition in Cannes, he fell in love with this luxurious yacht made by Beneteau Group. Named ‘Beethoven’ and made by request, this exquisite boat has a flawless interior, four cabins with private bathrooms, a huge dining room and a functional kitchen.


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In the exterior there is a wide deck and the prow where Rafa and his friends can relax and enjoy the ‘chill out’. MCY 76 has a very reduced weight because of the Kevlar and Carbon fibre which improves its autonomy (310 nautical miles) and its speed (32 knots). It is indeed a boat worthy of a rich man in love with the sea.

According to ‘Nauta 360’, the latest acquisition of the famous tennis player is moored in the Nautical Club of Porto Cristo in Palma de Mallorca.


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