The Virgin Islands are an earthly paradise you must see if you love exotic destinations. The three sister islands St. John, St. Thomas and St. Croix offer everything you might long for from unbelievable white sands and turquoise waters to delicious fish dishes and exciting traditional ceremonies. Here are some of the most popular things tourist do in the Virgin Islands.

Water Activities

Travelers come to these beautiful Caribbean islands for their wild beaches and for the water sports they can practice here. The most common activities for those who aim to have fun in the sea and maybe even lose some extra pounds are windsurfing, snorkeling, skimboarding and kitesurfing.

Others opt for Kayak races or jet skis. However, if you just want to admire the sightseeing and relax, you can book a berth online and go sailing. This is the ultimate chill-out experience you can enjoy in the Virgin Islands.


Kayaking, US Virgin Islands | Photo Source:

Arts and culture

People who love arts and culture can’t get bored once they arrive here. The Virgin Islands have a rich cultural heritage dating back to the pre-colonial period. There are numerous craft exhibitions and art galleries like the one in St. Thomas.

St. Croix, on the other hand, hosts a monthly Art Walk which you might find interesting and there are also numerous concerts, dance events and street performers that will amaze you. If you seek for a more traditional cultural immersion, you can visit one of the ancient forts like Fort Frederik or the history museums where you can find out more about the indigenous patrimony.

Fort Frederik, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Fort Frederik, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands | Photo source:

Admiring nature and wildlife

The Virgin Islands are blessed with an incredible ecosystem that hasn’t been spoiled by modern civilization yet. There are numerous species of plants and animals that will leave you speechless. One of the most appealing experiences for those who want to admire nature and the local wildlife is whale watching; the humpback whales return regularly in these waters to breed.

Tourists who like do go hiking have many trails they can choose from and they can also observe the myriad species of exotic birds on their way.

There are several amazing natural parks on these islands you shouldn’t miss; the Virgin Islands National Park in St. John and the Salt River Bay National Historical Park in St. Croix are just two of them.


Virgin Islands National Park , St. John, US Virgin Islands | Photo source:

Taking Part in the Carnival

One of the most famous touristic attractions in the Virgin Islands are the local carnivals. These exciting events are both fun and full of traditional significance. If you enjoy partying or want to grasp a better sense of the local life, you should go to one of these ceremonies.

This is a great chance to have a good time, dance, listen to music and meet interesting people. These events take place all year round on all three islands.

Carnival in Charlotte Amalie City, US Virgin Islands | Photo source:

Places to Visit

Finally, if you want to draft a destination’s list, here are some of the most beautiful places you should visit in the Virgin Islands:

  • the Bays in St. Croix for their splendid landscape: Isaac Bay, Cane Bay and Jack Bay
  • the Cruze Bay in St. John, a popular place to enjoy a good meal in one of the restaurants and a long night out with friends in one of the local bars. The coastal panorama is wonderful and, if you want to enjoy the full beauty of the island, the best option is to book a berth online which will allow you to explore the surroundings
  • Reef Bay Trail in St. John, an excellent challenge every hiker will remember
  • the beautiful colonial architecture of the city Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas

Charlotte Amalie city, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands | Photo source:

Now that you have some to dos on your list you can start planning your next vacation. The Virgin Islands won’t let you down. In fact, there’s a great chance you’ll become addicted to this incredible place and come back for more.