What to Know Before Renting a Boat

This summer’s about to end, but there’s still plenty time ahead for a memorable vacation. For those of you who love boating, the chances to rent a vessel and venture out into the open waters are countless. Still, let’s face, it renting a boat is not always easy, especially when you’re new at this. So, let us help you tackle this daunting task. Read the tips below on what you should look out for when renting a boat and be prepared to get yourself the safest and most suitable vessel for your upcoming cruise.

See What’s Out There

Having too many options makes any choice difficult. So, before you actually start searching for boat rentals you should try to narrow down your search and limit your list to one or two boat types. With this strategy in mind, making the right decision will automatically be easier. Here are some considerations to help you determine what vessel you should opt for:

  • the number of passengers; this is the firs thing you must know for sure before renting a boat. Small boats that can accommodate 5 people have a different price compared to those that are designed for crews of 12 to 15 passengers. Make sure you’re well informed on how many friends will join you on your trip.
  • the existing offers; most companies charge an hourly fee for yacht rentals. Don’t be afraid to ask if this amount is negotiable. If you require a boat for several days, you might strike a better deal and benefit from a discount.


Get Information on the Local Laws

The company that’s about to rent you the boat will surely cover this aspect before handing you the keys. Yet, it’s better to do your homework before reaching your destination. You don’t want to choose a place where it’s impossible to rent a boat because no one in your group is legally allowed to operate it. While riding a boat doesn’t always require a specific permit, there are many countries where you’ll need to possess at least a driving license in order to operate a vessel.


Make sure you understand the rental agreement

Just like any other renting process, charter boat rentals are also regulated by a legal agreement. Make sure you carefully go through each section of this document before you pay for the boat. Here are some of the most important aspects you should pay attention to.

Check Out the Liability Provisions

In case something happens to the boat while you’re operating it, you will probably be held responsible for the resulting damage. You must make sure you understand what potential damage you can be liable for and how the correlated costs will be charged.

In most cases, you will be considered responsible for the exterior damage caused to the vessel, not for technical issues. So, for example, if the motor ceases to function, you shouldn’t be the one who pays the repair bills.

The boat should normally have a coverage policy. Check if this specification is present in the agreement.  Companies might also offer the chance to purchase a coverage policy when renting the boat.

Note that prior to the rental, the company should briefly explain how the boat should is properly operated.

Moreover, make sure you clearly understand a waiver before you sign it; most companies will ask for this document which basically states that, during your trip, you’re responsible for the boat and the crew’s safety.

Read the Clauses Related to the Deposit

To protect their boats and to make it easier for clients to understand and take responsibility for potential damages, rental companies frequently ask for a deposit. This amount of money is included in the fee and should be returned to you when you take the boat back if there are no damages.  Look for the deposit specifications in the agreement, the amount typically reachesseveral hundred euros or dollars. If you’re not sure you’ve clearly understood when and how this sum will be refunded, don’t be afraid to ask for more information.


Inspect the Boat before Renting It

Finally, you should never sign a rental deal before you’ve inspected the vessel you’re about to operate. The owner should normally take you on a tour before renting you the boat. During this prior presentation, you should inspect the vessel and see if there are any scratches, cracks or damaged equipment you might be held responsible for when you take the boat back.

Don’t forget to make a complete inventory together with the agent and see if all the necessary safety items are aboard. Before you embark on your journey, it’s essential to check out where this safety equipment is placed. In the likelihood of an accident, you must be prompt in providing your crew the first aid and have plenty life jackets for everyone.

While most companies also offer you the possibility to rent accessories like skis or wakeboards, others might let you bring your own items.


These are the main things you shouldn’t overlook while renting a boat and if you’re still not sure where you can find your perfect match, check out the options available at boats.marinareservation.com. Perform an easy search based on your destination and you’ll get thousands of top quality boats within seconds.

Enjoy your trip and ride safely!

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