Summer is the best time to go on a holiday in Europe and those who travel by boat would benefit from super weather conditions these months. So, if you know when to come here, now’s the time to decide where to make your first stop. We talked a lot about Italy’s natural attractions in our previous posts, but we haven’t revealed you this secret yet. One of the most appealing places you should check out is Island Capraia. And here are some good reasons to convince you.



First, Where Do I Find This Place?

Capraia is part of the Tuscan Archipelago which comprises seven islands and lies between the Ligurian and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Capraia is the northwesternmost point of this group of islands and the third biggest one. It is located only 50 km away from the port of Livorno. So, you’ll be close to mainland if you want to check out Italy’s Western coast.

What Can You Telle Me About This Island?

The peculiar fact that distinguishes Capraia from its sister islands is its spectacular landscape which is the result of a volcanic eruption that occurred roughly 9 million years ago. This natural event led to the formation of a unique rocky island whose sight will take you aback. Capraia can easily stand as the perfect setting for a SF movie, especially if you shoot near the Cala Rosa Cove which boasts an amazing red rocky structure.



This place has been inhabited since ancient times by different populations like the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans. Moreover, it has also been subject to different invasions like those organized by Saracens. All these influences merged together in a unique blend that distinguishes the island’s cultural heritage.

Nowadays, Capraia has only two small settlements. So, tourists who want to come here don’t have to struggle too much to make up their mind about where they should stay. One of the villages hosts the island’s harbor an is called Porto and the other one is the old cultural and historical center of the island called Paese or simply village.

If you want to feel that you’ve entered a time loop and ran away from modernity, Capraia is a good place to fulfill this fantasy.

This island is a very quiet place; it is inhabited by no more than 300 people. So, it is the perfect getaway where you can chill out.  Moreover, almost the entire surface of the island is covered by lush vegetation which is actually a national park. Also, due to this fact, a large part of the island is protected. The island’s landscape features a wide array of different assets: cliffs, dense forest and rolling hills all gather here to enhance this place’s charm.

What Can I Do in Capraia?

There are plenty different things tourists can do here like sightseeing, swimming, hiking or practicing water sports.

One of the most popular attractions for sightseeing is the former penal colony which used to function as a prison and is nowadays one of Capraia’s emblematic sites. The ruins of the San Giorgio Fortress are another charming location for those who love mystery and history. Here’s one spicy detail, the fortress had a precise purpose, to protect the island against the pirates. Though they have been turned into a private property, you can still get a sense of their value. And if we’re talking about relics, we should also add that there’s an old abandoned monastery you might also want to check out. It is situated near the promontory.




Capraia’s villages are the perfect setting for a romantic stroll. You’ll find shops in each one of the villages, as well as some good restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine.

And a special mention must go to the food on this island. Capraia’s simple, yet flavored cuisine is all you need during a hot summer day. Since they are surrounded by water, it’s no wonder that most of the local’s dishes contain fish. Also, since we’re in Italy, it’s useless to ask what you should drink because the wines you’ll find here are absolutely excellent.

Another peculiar thing about this island is that it’s got its own lake, which is not a common sight in these parts. If your passion is hiking, you’ll have plenty chances to practice it in Capraia. We suggest you take a long tour up to Torre dello Zenobito, one of the island’s landmarks, or try to reach Dattero, a popular viewpoint. The National Park is a fabulous place to admire nature and disconnect from daily worries. There are some places where you can go swimming, as well as a bathing establishment. However, most people come here for the picturesque rocky coves you’ll also love to capture in a selfie.

Exploring the island by boat is the best way to see its splendor and admire the unspoiled beauty of nature.

When Is the Best Month to Come Here?

As we previously mentioned, summer is usually the best time to set sail in Europe, Italy included. There are nonetheless different periods when it’s better to perform different outdoors activities. For example, spring is the most proper season for hiking. If you arrive here from June to September, you’ll enjoy the most favorable sailing conditions. May is another great moment to visit the island especially if you’re drawn by bird-watching or you would like to enjoy the surroundings before they get ‘contaminated’ by tourists.  Located on the island, Marina di Capraia Isola is the best mooring choice. It offers 60 berths for boats up to 30 meters.

Capraia Island is a truly unique sight and a place we recommend open-heartedly to anyone who plans a trip to the Tuscan Archipelago. If you need more suggestions related to sailing destinations in Italy, check of the rest of our articles.