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Ciro Marina, Calabria, Italy

Ciro Marina is also identified as Port of Ciro or Porto di Ciro and it is hosted by the Italian municipality with the same name, in the province of Crotone and the historic region of Calabria. This southern Italian destination is well known for its mesmerising beaches, its ideal weather conditions and leisure activities that are available here. Tourism is extremely well-developed thanks to the existence of a large number of monuments and places of interest. A long history has left behind significant architectural masterpieces like religious sites, civil monuments, romantic fountains, palaces and memorials. The archaeological site that can be visited here is extremely valuable due to its origins. The Temple of Apollo is visited by millions of tourists who pass by Ciro Marina. Nature plays an important role in this area, offering tourists a mouthful of fresh air and biodiversity. Ciro Marina can host a large number of tourists at hotels like the Hotel Residence Il Gabbiano and many more.

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Attractions in Calabria

The region of Calabria is also known as Bruttium in the ancient times and it is located in the southern side of Italy. This is the part of the country that is known as the “toe” of the peninsula. The capital of Calabria is at Catanzaro, but the tourists who will choose this destination will be able to visit other mesmerising destinations, such as Reggio Calabria, Tropea, Cosenza, Pizzo, Catanzaro or Rende.

The beautiful waters on the shores of Calabria, the amazing beaches and the rich vegetation some of the main qualities of this territory, given by the existence of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas. According to historical sources, Calabria used to be inhabited by Oenotrians and Itali, but also by Greeks, Romans, Normas and other civilisations that evolved on these lands and grew a rich culture that can be still sensed by the locals and the travellers. Calabria’s land is almost completely formed of hills, which represented the perfect environment f... more info