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Jyvaskylan Veneseura R. Y, Eastern Finland, Finland

Jyvaskylan Veneseura R.Y is a Finnish marina that is also identified as Jyvaskylan Yacht Club or Jyvaskylan Portti and it is a part of the city and municipality of Jyvaskyla, in Central Finland and the western side of the geographical region of the Finnish Lakeland. This marina specializes in tourism and welcomes its guests in the largest city in this region. It is hosted by the town of Saynatsalo where a few modern architecture constructions can be seen. Travellers who will reach this destination will encounter a modern environment that contrasts with nearby villages through contemporary architectural styles and astonishing tourist attractions. The Aviation Museum of Central Finland is hosted by the city of Jyvaskyla, as well as the Alvar Alto Museum. This is a popular ski destination during wintertime where resorts like the Himos Ski Resort represent ideal locations for family vacations. There are luxurious hotels that will impress tourists such as the Solo Sokos Hotel.

Facilities of Jyvaskylan Veneseura R. Y

Drinking water


Fuel station

Dressing rooms




Waste collection

Residual water collection

Bilge Collection


Photo Gallery

Cancellation Policy of Jyvaskylan Veneseura R. Y : restrictive

The Restrictive Policy doesn't allow any refund.

Attractions in Eastern Finland

Eastern Finland is a former province of Finland and it is formed of 3 regions and 54 municipalities. It is bordered by the former province of Oulu, Western Finland, Southern Finland and Russia. This side of the country is also identified as Itä-Suomen lääni or Östra Finlands län and it is a part of the Finnish Lakeland or Järvi-Suomi. Being born due to glacial melt after the Ice Age, this area represents a natural paradise where a labyrinth of islands, rivers and lakes can be explored. There are more than 1000 lakes and 200 000 cottages in the largest lake district in Europe that is visited by millions of tourists who are eager to discover natural treasures of northern Europe, hike and practise their favourite water sports.

Eastern Finland is a land of history and cultural where medieval sights and picturesque towns can be seen everywhere. A wealthy culture is perfectly mixed with this surreal, natural environment that is covered in... more info