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Kemijarven Tunturipurret R.Y, Lapland, Finland

Kemijarven Tunturipurret R.Y is a touristic marina in the Finnish Lapland and it is also known as Kemijarven Tunturipurret Marina. It is hosted by the municipality of Kemijarvi or Giemajavri, in the northernmost place of the country. This recreational marina can be found in the province of Laponia and the region of Lapland and it welcomes its guests in a natural environment, near the Lake Kemijarvi that is a popular attraction during the summer. This winter destination has unique attractions due to the proximity to the Arctic Circle. With 396 lakes and ponds, an amazing river, imposing mountains and quiet hills, lush forests and an indigenous population called zander, this is a once in a lifetime experience for many of the travellers who get to visit these spectacular places. There are numerous impressive skiing resorts like Suomo, Pyha, Luosto, etc. The entire surface of land and water is covered in white during the winter, offering tourists unimaginable sensations.

Facilities of Kemijarven Tunturipurret R.Y


Drinking water

Dressing rooms



Fuel station



Waste collection

Residual water collection

Bilge Collection


Photo Gallery

Cancellation Policy of Kemijarven Tunturipurret R.Y : restrictive

The Restrictive Policy doesn't allow any refund.

Attractions in Lapland

Laponia, Lapland or Lappi is one of Finland’s former provinces and a current region and it is comprised of 21 municipalities. Being situated in northern Finland, it is bordered by the Region of North Ostrobothnia, the Gulf of Bothnia, the Swedish County of Norrbotten, the Finnmark and Troms Counties in Norway and Murmansk Oblast in Russia. This region is also identified as Lapin lääni or Lapplands län and it stretches over three other countries: Norway, Sweden and Russia.  

Tourism is extremely well-developed in this area due to its worldwide reputation for being Santa Claus’s home. The Finnish Lapland is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its natural wealth and its genuine culture. This winter wonderland is a mythical destination that attracts millions of winter sports enthusiasts and not only. The city of Rovaniemi is the capital of the Finnish Lapland and the northernmost point of Finland. It is often called “the ... more info