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Lapland Marinas - Finland

also known as Lappi

Laponia, Lapland or Lappi is one of Finland’s former provinces and a current region and it is comprised of 21 municipalities. Being situated in northern Finland, it is bordered by the Region of North Ostrobothnia, the Gulf of Bothnia, the Swedish County of Norrbotten, the Finnmark and Troms Counties in Norway and Murmansk Oblast in Russia. This region is also identified as Lapin lääni or Lapplands län and it stretches over three other countries: Norway, Sweden and Russia.  

Tourism is extremely well-developed in this area due to its worldwide reputation for being Santa Claus’s home. The Finnish Lapland is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its natural wealth and its genuine culture. This winter wonderland is a mythical destination that attracts millions of winter sports enthusiasts and not only. The city of Rovaniemi is the capital of the Finnish Lapland and the northernmost point of Finland. It is often called “the City of Santa Claus” or “the City of Christmas”.

A sub polar climate, a great amount of snow and extremely low temperatures compel all tourists to wear their warmest clothes and explore worldwide unique sights and structures. Midnight sunrises can be seen here during the summer, fascinating travellers from all over the world. Those who have been dreaming of seeing the Northern Lights or taking husky rides will get to fulfil their winter fantasies and enjoy some of the rarest phenomenon on Earth. There are numerous must-see attractions, such as the Arktikum Museum, the Santa Claus Office, the Santa Claus Village, the Pilke Science Centre, the Rovaniemi Church, the German Soldier’s Cementery and many more.

The Finnish Lapland gathers winter lovers from the entire globe and welcomes them into a frozen dreamland where sightseeing tours reveal incredible sights and oceans of snow with unique wildlife and northern beauties. Even so, September is also a great time to visit this magnificent area. Travellers who will reach this destination during the autumn season will be able to witness what Finnish people call “ruska”, which is a short period of time when nature shows off its bright colours and for one week, everything becomes red or yellow. Active tourists will be hypnotized by the ski trails they will encounter here. Ice karting, night trips to Aurora Borealis, husky treks, snowmobile tours, reindeer tours, are just a few of tourists’ top choices while in this spectacular area.

Finnish Lapland’s uniqueness does not end here. Culture enthusiasts will be impressed by the hospitality of the only indigenous people in Europe: the Sami. They are also identified as Lapps or Laplanders and they unveil an inspiring lifestyle, great strength and legendary truths. This side of Finland is incredibly beautiful and has a wonderfully developed tourism, managing to amaze a large number of travellers annually.

Tourists who are planning on spending their vacation in this magical land can accommodate in luxurious hotels that will offer them the ultimate Finnish experience. Some of the best hotels in the Finnish Lapland are the Hotel Hullu Poro in Levi, the City Hotel Rovaniemi, the Nellim Wilderness Hotel, the Spa Hotel Levitunturi in Levi, the Snow Castle of Kemi and many more.