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Licata, Sicily, Italy

Licata Marina is also known as Porto Turistico di Licata and it is situated in the historic city of Agrigento, in the province of with the same name, on the Mediterranean coast and the Malta Channel. The southern coast of the island of Sicily shoes off ancient structures and a natural history of the place, representing a major attraction for history lovers and those who wish to relax in the middle of a natural environment. Licata welcomes its tourists with a recreational marina and pleases them inside of the city with various attractions, old buildings and monuments, cosy restaurants and welcoming hotels. There are plenty of charming accommodation units to choose from next to impressive beaches. Those who wish to stay some more in Agrigento will be able to visit amazing ancient sites that have been extremely well preserved like the Valley of the Temples, the Temple of Concord, the Temple of Giunone, the Templle of Zeus, etc., which are significant to the Italian inheritance.

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Attractions in Sicily

Sicily Island is located in the Mediterranean Sea and it is also known as Sicilia in Italian. It is an Italian autonomous region and its official name is Regione Siciliana or Sicilian Region. Sicily is the largest island on the Mediterranean Sea and it is located right in the middle of it, offering the locals and the tourists amazing sceneries, spectacular colour spectacles and unique sunsets.

The tallest active volcano on the European Continent is located in Sicily: Mount Etna. There is a strong contrast between the active mountains and the soft sanded beaches that offer access to some of the most beautiful waters in Europe, which is given by the complexity of the island.

Thousands of years ago, Sicily used to be home to the Greek and Phoenician civilizations and later on, to the Vandals, Ostrogoths, Byzantines, Arabs and Normands. The rich history of Sicily is written in the historical sources and thousands of books that contain every single detail ... more info