Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa Marina
Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa Marina
Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa Marina
Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa Marina
Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa Marina
Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa Marina
Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa Marina
Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa Marina
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Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa

Sicily, Italy
Berth Characteristics
  • 723 berths
  • Max Length 50 m
  • Max Draught 5.5 m
Radio Channel

You can reach Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa by calling VHF74.

Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa is a Recommended Marina.

Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa is also known as Port of Ragusa and Marina di Ragusa and it is located in the historical city with the same name, on the shores of the Malta Channel, in southern Italy. It is a part of the historic region of Sicily and the province of Ragusa and it can be found on a

Facilities of Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Water
  • Electricity
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3 Reviews

Value for money
Cisa Hanse
March 2020
Well protected and friendly. 1. Excellent protection inside the marina - there is very little swell even with severe winds from all directions. 2. Fresh water springs in the marina help to check marine growth on hulls. 3. Lovely liveaboards community. 4. Marineros and office stuff are very attentive, polite and helpful.
George Galea
October 2018
Verified Booking
Excellent marina close to many amenities. Space and size Facilities Ca hire Staff friendliness Close to many restaurants.
Chris Sciberras
August 2018
Verified Booking
Revisited Marina di Ragusa. Staff were spot on and very helpful. I intended to leave in the early hours and requested refund for key. I was informed that I can collect from security prior to leaving. And so I did. Well done.

Weather in Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa

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The neighborhood

Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa is located in Sicily.

Sicily Island is located in the Mediterranean Sea and it is also known as Sicilia in Italian. It is an Italian autonomous region and its official name is Regione Siciliana or Sicilian Region. Sicily is the largest island on the Mediterranean Sea and it is located right in the middle of it, offering the locals and the tourists amazing sceneries, spectacular colour spectacles and unique sunsets.

The tallest active volcano on the European Continent is located in Sicily: Mount Etna. There is a strong contrast between the active mountains and the soft sanded beaches that offer access to some of the most beautiful waters in Europe, which is given by the complexity of the island.

Thousands of years ago, Sicily used to be home to the Greek and Phoenician civilizations and later on, to the Vandals, Ostrogoths, Byzantines, Arabs and Normands. The rich history of Sicily is written in the historical sources and thousands of books that contain every single detail of the long endurance of the island. In time, the island not only evolved from an infrastructural and a touristic point of view, but it also helped its people evolve and create mesmerising traditions, an excellent cuisine, charming arts, music, literature and sublime architecture. The monuments and buildings that stood tall and imposing through time can be observed and admired by the tourists throughout the year.

The capital of Sicily is Palermo, which is a historic city and a wonderful relaxation oasis, as well as a popular destination. There are other cities that are very popular in Sicily, too, such as Catania, Syracuse, Trapani, Taormina or Cefalu, Messina, Noto, Ragusa and more. Palermo is a large city where the travellers must carefully plan their trip in order to explore the most important sights and leave nothing on the outside. Some of the most popular landmarks here are Monumento Strage di Capaci, Fontana della Vergogna, Parco delle Madonie, Palazzo Conte Federico, Piazza Pretoria, Palazzo Pretorio, la Cuba, Villa Napoli, Campanile di San Giuseppe Cafasso and many more.

Palermo and its surroundings are electrifying and full of positive energy. The art and music in this area have the power of breaking the mind free and releasing it from the daily routine’s tension. The architecture of the famous structures in this city are simply overwhelming and remind the tourists of the creative power of the humanity. Sicily is known for its incredible outdoors and the many options the travellers have when it comes to being active. The city of Palermo makes no exception from the rule. Riserva Naturale Orientata di Capo Gallo, Orto Botanico di Palermo, Gorgo Beach, Mondello Beach, are just a few of the relaxing, natural places that the capital has to offer. Palermo is an amazing city, filled with numberless attractions, but Sicily is not all about its capital.

The Ionian coast is one of the island’s wonders, where the Mountain Etna is located. This is a place of all superlatives and the holiday resorts adapt to the rules. Taormina is the most popular and the best holiday resort, where anyone will free their souls from the disturbing urban agglomeration. Also, the city of Catania is located on the coastline. This city has impressive buildings and structures that have been present on these lands since the Roman’s times.

Sicily has a multitude of touristic objectives and a complexity of beauties, but no matter where one heads to, all of the destinations on this island will leave unforgettable traces of joy and positivity on the travellers’ minds.

This map shows Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa's specific location.


Marina Rules

The berths are marked with a letter, which refers to the pontoon or pier and a number. The marks are easily visible in front of the berth. The permanent or booked berths are listed with the name of the user, the name and the dimension of the boat, in a specific register kept in the marina Main Office. Every user shall advise a member of the marina staff immediately of any change. It is not permitted to use any berth other than the one specifically designated for your use, mooring elsewhere is prohibited.

A user who intends to leave their berth in their boat for more than 24 hours must communicate this to the Main Office, by giving the date of departure, the next port of call and the intended time of their return if known. The marina office or staff must be informed if the scheduled time of return is after 21.00pm. For all users of a reserved berth, the Company commits to leave the berth vacant.

When the user of a reserved berth, wants to give the berth to a third party, it has to be agreed and accepted by the Company. The user is obliged to:

1) Communicate in writing to the marina office the name of the third party and their boat’s name and provide all the relevant details of the boat.

2) Ensure that the third party has a full understanding of the regulations described herewith and agrees to abide by them.

The user must receive confirmation from the Company before introducing the third party. The user can also request the Company, through the management, to allow temporary letting of their own berth to a third party, subject to the prices and conditions determined by the Company and in line with the published rates. The company will retain 5% of the berthing fee and the balance of 95% will be available to the user.

Navigation to the berth is guaranteed 24 hours a day and the maximum speed allowed within the marina is 3 knots. Rights of way are subject to the international laws of navigation.

It is forbidden for any boat to anchor inside the marina, except in the event of force majeure. All boats must use exclusively the berthing equipment as provided and for which they are responsible in the event of any damage incurred. The nylon ropes, provided by the Company, must to be used only to secure to the laid mooring . It is forbidden to roll the ropes up on the bollards or on the cleats. Every user will use their own rope to secure to the pontoon. Every user is responsible for the safety of his own boat and must ensure it is securely berthed. Every user is obliged to protect his boat with an adequate and sufficient number of fenders.

It is forbidden to empty black water or to throw any garbage, as prescribed by the law, such as objects, liquids, refuse or anything else, within the Marina area, either in the water or on the piers or the floating pontoons. It is a requirement that everyone uses the dedicated refuse containers for urban waste, with which the Marina area is equipped; while for special waste, if there is any doubt as to its disposal advice should be sought from the management in the marina office but in the case of special waste eg. batteries, these must be disposed of in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.

Inside the marina area it is forbidden to use any light projector or audible warning device, if not strictly necessary. It is forbidden to start the engines of a boat or auxiliary engines, except in exceptional circumstances, for testing or battery recharging, before 8am or after 21pm. In addition this regulation applies, for the period between 1 March to 30 September, between the hours of 12.30pm and 15.30pm. During the same hours as described above, it is forbidden to do any noisy work, to start any motorcycles or participate in any activity that might disturb other people. The shipyard area must be used for the kind of works that can disturb or cause problems to other users. It is forbidden to swim inside the marina or in the entrance to the marina, to collect seafood and other shellfish, or to fish with any tool, diving included. It is also forbidden to dive close to the boats to make checks, inspections or reparations of any type. These kinds of activities have to be made by a specialist, recognized by the management of the marina and by a professional registered by the Maritime Authorities.

Access with a vehicle inside the marina – exclusively in the roadways and areas marked and controlled by vertical and horizontal barriers - is allowed to authorised users, for loading and unloading operations, as directed by the marina staff and taking into consideration the kind of vehicle entering. Users will be given a pass which must be displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle. When the loading/unloading operations are complete, cars, motorcycles and any other vehicle must be parked in the designated parking area at the marina entrance. When the pass is issued the user must be aware that parking in non designated areas will result in the removal of the vehicle at the vehicle owner’s expense.


Any vehicle incorrectly parked in a reserved spot for authorities , disabled people, motorcycles, cars, trailers for boats and bicycles will be removed at the owner’s expense.


The Restrictive Policy doesn't allow any refund.

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