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Dikkowita Fisheries Harbour, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

Dikkowita Fishery Harbour, the largest of its kind in south-east Asia, is located some 10 km north of Sri Lanka’s largest city Colombo, offering direct access to the sea. Dikkowita, a small fishing village, was chosen as the location for this port opened in 2009 due to its closeness to the airport and the new central fish market. Colombo is a vibrant city with a rich history located on a natural harbour on the west coast of the island. It was known to ancient sailors before the Portuguese arrived and established a trading post. Sri Lanka was subsequently taken over by the Dutch and then the English, who left a rich colonial architecture behind. The island has nearly 1,600 km of coastline, making it an ideal beach destination. The most developed area for tourism is the southern coast with the eastern coast quickly catching up. In the centre of the country lies Sri Lanka’s most popular tourist attraction – Sigiriya rock fortress, dubbed “the eighth wonder of the world.”



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Attractions in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country situated in South Asia, neighboring the Southeastern coast of India.  It is an exotic island bathing in the Indian Ocean and its secluded position, and fascinating culture are the main reasons why people decide to choose it as their holiday destination.

This country’s long history started 3000 years ago. However, archeological proofs pointed out the existence of ancient human civilizations in the region now known as Sri Lanka. Some of the early settlers in Sri Lanka are believed to have been a Vedda population. They were followed by the Nagas and Yakshas tribes. The first  organized settlement in Sri Lanka was the Anuradhapura Kingdom which lasted between 380 BCE and AD 933. After this period the land was subject to multiple invasions and its modern history begins with the first Portuguese expedition. In the following century, Sri Lanka was dominated by the British colonists and in the 20th century, the country o... more info