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Vestre Ruane, Telemark, Norway

Vestre Ruane Marina is located on the coast of Norway, in the city of Skåtøy, the biggest island in the Telemark county. This is a place of art and poetry as the Norwegians host here Skåtøy poetry festival in the month of July. The most popular attraction in the area is Skåtøy Church (Skåtøy kirke in the common tongue). It was built in 1862 and is called by the locals The Cathedral of the rocky island. Providing seats for six hundred people, Skåtøy Church is one of the largest establishments of its kind in all of Norway. Skåtøy offers a two in one opportunity for those looking to taste the local fish dishes and experience entertainment. Skåtøy Kafe & Galleri, Kjetil Valldal Musikk & Helse, Stopp En Halv are just a few of the venues that offer improvisation theatre and restaurant facilities. The top rated accommodations in the area feature hotels like Victoria Hotel, Kragerø Resort Apartment or Bergland Ferieleiligheter and will satisfy you with trained personnel and quality services.

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Attractions in Telemark

The home of the first King of Norway and one of the most beautiful regions of the country with steep cliffs and luxuriant forests, situated in the southeastern part of the country, on the Skagerrak coast, the Telemark region is bordered by Vestfold, Aust-Agder, and Buskerud. Norway’s other principal counties.

This mystical area is believed to have been a Viking kingdom and was the home of Harald Fairhair considered the first king of Norway. With The Telemark Canal flowing right through the heart of the county, this engineering wonder constructed in 1892 connects the northern and southern parts of the area, to be more precise, the cities of Skien and Dalen.

This magnificent destination comes alive during the summer and is the host of many touristic attractions. The most significant landmark that can be visited is Heddal Stave Church- A wood constructed church that is the largest of its kind in all of Norway. Nature is no stranger to Telemark as Gau... more info