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Aydin Marinas - Turkey

also known as Aydin

A fantastic region also known as “The County of Valleys - Aydin (formerly known as Güzelhisar) is a superb province situated in the Aegean Region of Turkey. This county is the ideal destination for tourists interested in relaxation and the exploration of nature because it is positioned in the centre of the Valley of Büyük Menderes River.

The Dilek Milli Park is a wildlife preservation facility that is open for visitation all year round and provides visitors with the opportunity to see the Turkey’s indigenous wildlife in their natural environment. The guided tours that can be booked will give you the chance to see the Indian porcupine, the striped field mouse, the edible dormouse and the wolf. Souvenirs are available for purchase in the many shops surrounding the area.

If you’re interested in Turkish history, you shouldn’t miss The Nysa Ruins. This fantastic area is full of ancient structures that date back to the Ottoman Empire. Admire the beautiful columns and temples scattered along the coastline or visit the old theatre that is one of the most well-preserved buildings in Nysa.

The Okenos Diving Centre is a unique location that is dedicated to the exploration of aquatic wildlife. This is the place where you can book guided tours that will give you the chance to see the rare corals that still live in the Turkish part of the Aegean. Explore the depths of the sea and admire colourful fish species, unique corals, sea stars and seahorses that will spice up your holiday and will make your trip to Turkey one that you will never forget.

Aydin is a region that played a significant role throughout Turkish history. The great Ottoman Empire was a magnificent force that conquered and defeated everyone who stood in their path. Fortresses like Herakleia Latmos Antik Kent still stand and are open for visitation all year round. Explore the large halls and rough architecture of this magnificent fort or admire the siege weapons that are on display at this location.

When it comes to food, Turkey is a fantastic candidate for the prize of the ultimate cuisine experience. Europe has been influenced greatly by the Turks and the traditional Turkish restaurants and fast food locations present in every major European city are the best proof. The countless restaurants in Aydin will make sure that your taste buds will get an unforgettable experience. Taste these delicious dishes and you won’t regret it: Beyaz Peynir (Fried White Cheese), Ayran (Yogurt), Dolma (Wrapped Meat) and Kuzu Güveç (Cooked Lamb).
The best restaurants in Aydin feature names like Sultan Restaurant, Somuncu Baba, Sehir Kebap Salonu, Kutes, Mikado Pide and Yoranbar.

Experience the Turkish hospitality in excellent hotels or luxurious penthouses of the most famous establishments in the area. With exceptionally experienced staff, the facilities in Aydin will astonish you. Book a room in the notorious Hotel Anemon Aydin, Suhan 360 Hotel, Nysa Hotel, Aydin Park Hotel and Hotel Unlu.