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Canakkale Marinas - Turkey

also known as Çanakkale

The Province of Canakkale is located on the Turkish coastline, on the north-western side of the country. It is split into the European area which is called Thrace and the Asian one, which is known as Anatolia. These two sides of Canakkale are separated by the strait of Dardanelle, offering amazing views to its visitors.

There is much to be visited in the Province of Canakkale, especially from a cultural point of view. The famous ruins of Troy are fascinating and the Gallipoli battlefields represent one of the main reasons why those who are passionate about history visit these historical territories. The town of Canakkale is one of the main attractions in the region. According to official sources, Canakkale had no more than 8500 inhabitants when it was first founded, in 1927 and it quickly evolved in what today’s generations can observe.

The ancient times were difficult times for the inhabitants of these lands where large earthquakes and many battles took places. Beginning with the Trojan wars and ending with the the World War I, Canakkale was a defence point of the strait. Many traces can still be discovered here by those who are interested in unveiling the mysteries of this place.

The touristic attractions are numerous in Canakkale, some of the most representative being the Anzac Cove in Gallipoli, the Temple of Athena in Assos, the Troy, Kilitbahir Castle, Alexandria Troas Ruins in Ezine, Apollon Symintheion Ruins and other ancient sites that have the power of turning back time for many of the visitors. Historical evidence and many distinguished objectives are hosted by the town of Canakkale, such as the Naval Museum, the Military Marina Museum or the Archaeological Museum.

Except for the cultural and historical heritage, the travellers will also discover a great cuisine in the restaurants of the province. The Turkish gastronomy is served in restaurants like Cevahir Ev Yemekleri or Yalova, but international dishes are also served in many places in Canakkale. Those who enjoy the Turkish cuisine will have the opportunity to explore some more of it, by going on some of the most exciting tours.

Canakkale can be easily discovered through the private tours that are offered by the local organizations. Gallipoli Tours, the Wine tours and many others are the perfect way of spending a few days in this area. This is an ideal destination for groups and families and an enjoyable territory on the Turkish coastline, where the accommodation services and the modern facilities are offered at the highest standards.