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Canakkale Marina, Canakkale, Turkey

The Canakkale Marina has a capacity of 70 boats up to 12 meters and it is situated in the town with the same name. Sea transportation is crucial for the city since it is located on both sides of Asian and European continents, just like Istanbul. The guests of the marina are welcome to explore the historical sites and the monuments that lay here in order to remember the world of the past events that had a major importance. The Canakkale Sehitler Aniti, the Naval Museum, the Kilitbahir Castle and the Archaeological Museum are the most important attractions near the marina. Çanakkale, where the green nature meets the deep blue sea along the shores of Dardanelles, is the best base for visiting the Gallipoli battlefields and the ruins of Troy. Also, those who want to relax will be quietly invited by the Marmara Sea to spend a few hours on the magnificent beaches with warm, light blue water that is crystal clear, such as the Habbele Beach or the Zargana Beach.

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Attractions in Canakkale

The Province of Canakkale is located on the Turkish coastline, on the north-western side of the country. It is split into the European area which is called Thrace and the Asian one, which is known as Anatolia. These two sides of Canakkale are separated by the strait of Dardanelle, offering amazing views to its visitors.

There is much to be visited in the Province of Canakkale, especially from a cultural point of view. The famous ruins of Troy are fascinating and the Gallipoli battlefields represent one of the main reasons why those who are passionate about history visit these historical territories. The town of Canakkale is one of the main attractions in the region. According to official sources, Canakkale had no more than 8500 inhabitants when it was first founded, in 1927 and it quickly evolved in what today’s generations can observe.

The ancient times were difficult times for the inhabitants of these lands where large earthquakes and many b... more info