Costa Brava is one of the most picturesque landscapes in Europe. This is a coastal region situated in the northeastern part of Spain, in Catalonia. It spreads from Barcelona to the French border and it is famous for its high touristic potential. Amazing beaches, a vast historic patrimony, and the exquisite Catalan cuisine are just some of the things to keep you busy here. If you’re interested in sailing to this gorgeous region, these are the best ten things you can do here!

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Costa Brava

1. Check out the beaches in Lloret de Mar

Ask any Costa Brava local for a holiday tip and the first thing they’d suggest is to go see the beaches of Lloret de Mar. These are some of the region’s most valued natural assets. Once you’ll see their distinguished landscape, feel the fine sand under your feet and bathe in the warm clear waters, you’ll grasp the real feel of Costa Brava. The beaches of Llorete Mar will impress you with their unspoiled natural beauty and their diversity.

 Lloret de Mar

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If you are not into mainstream locations, you can take the chance to explore the coast and find some of its secluded beaches. There are countless hidden coves where you’ll be able to relax in an intimate setting.

2. Visit the amazing Cap de Creus Natural Park

Nature lovers can’t get bored in Costa Brava; the region’s diversity will please any traveler. If spending all day on the beach is not your thing, there are plenty other landscapes to explore. One of them is the scenic Cap de Creus Peninsula where you can wonder in a huge park. This is the ideal place for long walks. On your way, you’ll find rocky coves and fascinating cliffs. Dense forests and intimate bays are other treats you’ll enjoy.

Cap de Creus

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3. Stroll through the Cap Roig Botanical Gardens

If you want something different from the sea sight, you should take the chance to visit the Cap Roig Botanical Gardens. They are located near the Palafrugell castle and if you feel at ease in the middle of nature, you’ll love it here. The gardens were created by the Woevodsky family who bought the land that nowadays hosts this residence and the splendid plant species they planted. These terraced gardens spread over a vast surface that covers the entire area between the castle and the sea.

4. Discover the Greco/Roman Ruins at Empuries

If you are eager to find out more about this region’s roots, there are plenty ancient treasures you’ll take pleasure in. The Greco-Roman Ruins at Empuries are some of Costa Brava’s most renowned places of historical and cultural interest.
The ruins are an impressive site you’ll surely remember. They are located along the seashore and the breath-taking view they provide is something worth seeing.


Ancient Ruins

5. Spend an afternoon in Begur

If visiting the ruins made you long for more on the ancient side, then you must go to Begur. This is a charming medieval town where you can relax and enjoy an utterly laid-back atmosphere. Unlike other places in Costa Brava, Begur is not crowded with tourists and this makes it the perfect getaway for couples who want to spend a romantic vacation. The ancient fortification and the nearby coves enhance this town’s appeal.


Begur, Costa Brava

6. Explore the region’s artistic patrimony

When you come to Costa Brava, you come to Dali’s home and the Spanish made sure they turn this pride into a touristic asset. If you are fond of the artist’s work, you should take the chance to learn more about him by visiting the Salvador Dali House Museum, situated near Cadaqués, The artist’s residence is facing the sea and as one can easily imagine, its exhibits prove once again his eccentric tastes. If now you’re in the mood for more art, complement the house tour with a visit to the Dalí Theatre-Museum located in Figueres, the painter’s hometown.

7. Don’t miss your chance to go to charming Girona

Girona is Costa Brava’s capital and a place of unparalleled charm. This is another historic settlement that was founded almost 2000 years ago.


Girona, Costa Brava

There are numerous artifacts you can check out here. Most tourists are fascinated by Girona’s medieval area that was built in the 12th century. Moreover, there is a Jewish quarter that dates back to the same period. The city’s ancient walls originate in the 14th century and there are countless historic buildings that Girona proudly boasts.

8. Try the local wines

If you wonder what else you can do in Costa Brava besides visiting beautiful towns and picturesque landscapes, note that this region is also famous for its wines. Whether you are a wine connoisseur, or merely an amateur, you should take the chance to taste dome of this region’s varietals. Our suggestion is to go on a wine tasting tour through the wineries of the Empordà Wine Route, one of the most reputable wine destinations in the country. This area lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees, so it is a brilliant choice if you also love to roam around and explore nature. The places you will find on this route will offer you an exquisite experience and the possibility to learn more about this ancient beverage.

9. Have fun at the Waterworld in Lloret de Mar

If you are on vacation with your family, you might want to plan a surprise for the little ones as well. They would definitely love to spend a day at the Waterworld aqua park in Lloret de Mar. You can also enjoy the rides because the park provides special facilities for all age categories. If you like that adrenaline rush that can’t be measured with anything else, you’ll love to plunge in the wave pools. On the other hand, if you prefer a more intimate experience, you might want to try the relax lagoon area or the jacuzzi.
When you’re tired and you want to take a break, you’ll also find some good dining places on site. All in all, the water world is not just a place for children, but a good setting for the entire family or for groups of friends who want to hang out and have fun.

10. Go scuba diving

If you are fond of this nautical activity, we warmly recommend you take a scuba diving tour in the Medes Island in L’Estartit. This is one of the most popular destinations on the coast where you can practice scuba diving. The water in this area is incredibly clear and the underwater diversity will take you aback. So, don’t hesitate to indulge in this captivating experience if you reach L’Estartit. There are plenty providers that offer guided tours or rental equipment.
The number one attraction for scuba divers is the Marine Nature Reserve of the Medes Islands. You will also love to sail around the Medes Island and simply enjoy the view.


Scuba diving

These are just some of the basic things you can do while you are visiting the beautiful Costa Brava. This region is loaded with natural treasures and the extensive tourism that is being practiced here ensures top quality services. If you liked this post and want to find out more about other European destinations, browse through our blog.