Take a break from the ordinary this spring and explore new and exciting destinations. From urban escapes to outdoors adventures, you can choose whatever resonates best with your mood these days. Here are the top 3 destinations for this spring:

Tuscany, Italy

With its landscape, artistic heritage, medieval villages, historical towns, memorable food and wine, no other province has had more impact on Italian and European culture than Tuscany! Spring, when the flowers begin to bloom, is the best time to visit this fascinating place and to avoid the summer tourists.

On the top of the list are definitely outdoor activities as you will find lots of parks and botanical gardens.What is of interest for tourists are the sculpture parks like Chianti Sculpture Park, the Tarot Garden or the park dedicated to Pinocchio, the most famous wooden puppet in the world. The views in Tuscany in the springtime are mesmerizing and you will find many breathtaking panoramas. If you like to experience a view from the top of Tuscany, you can choose Apuan Park and you will be seduced by the marbled Alps scenery.

Tuscany Italy

Tuscany has the highest number of Thermal centers in Italy. They are better than indoor spas because they are free and they offer you the opportunity to celebrate nature, while you benefit from its curative waters. Saturnia and Petriolo are the most famous natural hot springs in Tuscany.

As now it is a little bit cold for bathing, the beaches are mostly deserted being thresholds of Paradise for those who visit them during this time of the year.

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to discover Tuscan specialties while exploring some of the most fascinating food festivals. Most of them are held in spring and the most important food-and-wine events are the Mostra del Chianti in Montespertoli and Cantine Aperte.

Cataluña, Spain

The perfect weather conditions in this region allow the tourists to enjoy the exciting adventures in the hot-air balloon flights, the sailing tours, water sports such as surfing, diving, windsurfing, yachting and many more. This destination is suitable for both the adventurers and for those who want to enjoy the sounds of nature and the tales of the historical buildings.

Catalonia CostaBrava Spain

The best time to visit Cataluña is late spring. To really enjoy a cycling and walking holiday, we would say that May in particular is lovely as they have so many wild flowers. That’s a really nice time for taking long walks too.

The most popular destinations in Cataluña are Barcelona, Sitges, Salou, Lloret de Mar, Cambrils and Tarragona, but the entire region is considered to be extremely valuable and one of the top destinations in the world.

Catalonia Spain

The tourists who will reach this prosperous destination will have the opportunity to visit the Palace of Catalan Music, the Basilica Sagrada Familia, the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, the Magic Fountain, the National Museum of Arts of Catalonia and take impressive tours, such as the Spanish Civil War Tour, the Food Tours, the walking tours and many more.

Istanbul, Turkey

Spring is prime time to visit Turkey! The weather is moderate, the days are long and it’s off-season for Aegean and Mediterranean beach resorts. The province of Istanbul is defined by diversity and beauty and everyone is welcomed to discover its mysteries and singularity as it is the only city in the world that spreads on two continents.

The old is combined with the new, the West with the East and the modern with the ancient in Istanbul, offering its guests some of the most diverse experiences in the world.

Istanbul is a thrilling destination, where the travelers enjoy the complexity of the Turkish culture in every field. When it comes to visiting the most important landmarks, it is hard to tell which area is the richest of all, because the city is filled with touristic attractions of all kinds.

The mosques, bazaars, modern buildings, Turkish baths, entertainment centers, bridges, museums and ancient ruins, as well as the restaurants and cafes around the city are extremely popular and fulfill any tourist’s desire of discovering each side of the greatest city of Turkey.

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The historic areas of Istanbul are large and complex and they are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

Istanbul is not only about history and culture, but also about natural reservations, an amazing natural environment that impresses through its complexity and its well preserved parks. The city port is another popular attraction, as well as the coastline, the beaches, the amusement parks and aquariums.

We hope you have now some ideas of how to spend your holiday this spring.

Have fun and celebrate life wherever you go!