Saint-Martin is an island situated in the Caribbean Sea, neighboring Puerto Rico. Saint Martin has a peculiar administrative form; almost half of its territory belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands while the rest of the surface is governed by the French.

The entire population of the island is somewhere around 70,000 people, and most of them have settled on the Dutch side. Saint-Martin is a popular touristic destination for European travelers and not only. The beautiful sights and crystal clear waters are the main reasons that bring visitors to this area.


Saint-Martin, French territory

The first inhabitants of the island were the Arawak indigenes, an Indian tribe who sailed here from South America. Another indigenous population was The Kalinago. Saint-Martin was discovered by the famous navigator Christopher Columbus in 1493. In the 7th century, the first Dutch colonists began to occupy the territory followed by the French, several decades later.

The fascinating cultural mix between these two European nationalities and the local Caribbean population is part of the unique charm that characterizes Saint-Martin. The local customs and architecture reflect all these different cultural tendencies.

The most prominent settlements on the island are Marigot situated in the French region and Philipsburg belonging to the Dutch territory. Both are beautiful touristic destinations with a rich historic patrimony and a wide range of facilities like accommodation, bars, restaurants and berth booking services.

One of the best hiking places on the island is called Pic Paradis: its high relief comprises hills and peaks. Pic Paradis is located in the French territory, and it contains the highest peak on the island.


Pic Paradis, Saint-Martin | Photo source:

Fort Louis situated in Marigot is another important historical site; it was built on a high hill to serve as an observation point for the French colonists. Nowadays the fascinating ruins and the incredible panoramic view gather hundreds of visitors to this place.


Fort Saint Louis, Saint-Martin | Photo source:

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is Maho Beach; it is located on the Dutch territory, near the airport Princess Juliana. People can relax here, grab a refreshing cocktail by the beach and watch the departing and landing planes.


Princess Juliana airport, Saint-Martin

Other famous beaches are Happy Bay Beach, Long Bay Beach, Galisbay Beach, Anse Marcel Beach or the beaches on Tintamarre Island, a quiet destination surrounded by lush vegetation. To get here, tourists can book a berth; there are plenty availabilities that can be booked ahead at


Tintamarre Island, Saint-Martin | Photo source:

The local fish dishes and the traditional Guavaberry liquor are another musts each tourist should check.

Saint-Martin is a great location for a memorable holiday that will cast away all the daily worries.