Do you enjoy sailing? If the answer is yes, I’m sure you are thrilled each time you’re about to start a new journey. However, you should be cautious and well-organized. There are plenty things you have to take with you before you head off. Don’t rush and prepare properly. For a safe and pleasant journey, make sure you always pack the items below.

Sailing Gear

  • a compass; this is the first object you should include in your sailing gear. No matter how modern and automatized your boat is, a good compass is the most reliable friend you can count on in any situation
  • a knife; take a sharp and resistant knife that can cut synthetic items easily; you might need it for many unpredictable situations
  • a hand-held radio to get in touch with those on shore or other sailors; some of the best options are VHF radios
  • a trustworthy GPS
  • patching items to fix the boat quickly in case your you hit a cliff
  • deck lights to signal your boat
  • waterproof flashlight and batteries are useful by night to spot obstacles and avoid a collision

Safety Equipment

  • a lifejacket with safety harness; this is one of the most important objects that will guarantee your safety. Use one especially if you are new at sailing.
  • floating device; you should pack a personal floating device for every member you take on board. This is a lifesaver in case of incidents.
  • distress signaling gear; flares are a must have if you prepare to sail far away, especially if you venture in the ocean
  • a fire extinguisher is another compulsory item for boats of any size
  • first aid kit; mandatory for boats of any size, make sure you also include some anti-inflammatory pills that can mitigate common aches efficiently. If you book a berth, the kit might come along, but make sure of it before starting sailing.
  • life rafts for survival in case the ship gets severely damaged
  • lifesling to ease floating in case of emergency
  • sunscreen is essential both to you and the rest of the crew to help you avoid sunburn and dehydration
  • plenty resources of water and can food should also be stored on board if you plan to sail far from shore for several days

Clothes and Accessories

  • gloves for sailing; you can find them in specialized shops that sells sailing gear. These items are essential to help you steer easier.
  • hats and sunglasses; for everyone on board
  • foul weather gear to keep you warm and safe in case of bad weather
  • clothes for cold and warm weather alike, temperatures vary a lot on the sea, make sure you have both your swimming suit and some warm jacket or sweater to wear at night
  • sea boots
  • a good quality waterproof watch
  • always pack an extra set of towels, you might need them

Caution is essential for your safety and peace of mind. If you want to enjoy a quiet vacation and avoid any unpleasant incidents, don’t forget to take with you these essential items that make up the basic sailing checklist.