The earlier you book a berth, the bigger are your advantages

You’re already dreaming about your next sailing trip through Europe. But you know what? Everybody else is doing exactly the same. With so many amazing destinations, secluded beaches and yet unexplored bohemian streets, it’s no surprise that every sailing lover wants the best spot in Europe’s marinas.

But what about your spot? You’ve probably noticed that in full season the most popular ports look something like this:

Early booking

Don’t panic, and most important, don’t give up your dream vacation. We have a simple and effective solution for this: early booking. You might think it is still early to start planning, but here are a few arguments to prove you otherwise.

1. Stress is bad for your holiday

Waiting until the last minute to book a berth usually makes things complicated and stressful. You will have to check for berth availability with multiple marinas, using multiple channels: phone, email, SMS (some are still even using fax machines). And while you wait for answers all your plans will be on hold. But you don’t need this on your vacation. The reason you took a few weeks off from office was precisely to have a break from emails and phone calls, remember?

2. You can take your pick

When time is putting pressure on you and everything is already booked, any place seems just fine. But the truth is that you want more for your trip. You want a marina with a spectacular view, outstanding services and unique attractions. You want to enjoy your favorite place and you want to be able to pick. This shouldn’t be just a beautiful dream; this is actually possible if you decide and book in advance.

3. Planning just makes it better

The journey and the arrival, the exploration and the recreation – basically the whole experience. Because if you book your berth early, you will also start thinking about the other details of your vacation and even make some extra research. For example if you know you’re docking near calm and crystal blue waters you might also start looking for water sport lessons; if you know that the marina is renowned for its vibrant nightlife you might search for parties and festivals to attend, and so on. So, you see, if you start planning now, later on you will be able to do… whatever floats your boat.

4. It’s easier than ever!

Booking a berth in advance is so effortless that you could easily do it while drinking your morning coffee. All you need to do is enter, search for your desired marina, set your vacation’s dates and send an availability request. If the marina’s policy allows early bookings for your preferred dates, you can make the transaction online and have your mooring reserved in less than an hour! Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

So now you know: early booking is actually smart booking because it allows you to get everything you wanted with minimum effort. Already dreaming about your next sailing trip through Europe? Book your berth on!