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Book a berth online vs book a berth on-site? There should be no doubt about it. If you want the easiest way out, you should go for online berth booking. We are not just saying this because we work in the field. But because it’s far easier and safer for you.

Read on and find out for yourself why you should always get a berth reservation online before your planned sailing trip.

Most people travel by sea during the summer, with the peak season roughly raging, in many parts of the world, between the months of June and the beginning of September. This is literally the busiest period both on land and at sea. Everything is harder to find in this period if you didn’t make your reservation in time: airplane tickets, hotel rooms, and berth reservations. With a constantly high number of tourists sailing to and from popular destinations, most marinas are fully booked during the peak season. If you are planning a trip in the Mediterranean as we speak, we are already in this agonizing season which started in July and will last up until the end of August.

So, what are the risks of not booking a berth ahead? Sailors who have spent all their day at sea or lying on a nice sandy beach, will head towards the nearest marinas as soon as the sky starts to darken. And we might be talking about hundreds of sailors flocking toward the same buoys. What will happen to those who haven’t secured a place for their boat? They will have to sail further and hope that the next port can accommodate them.

Don’t expect people to rush for a place to anchor only during beautiful sunny days. The truth is that the situation is worse in bad weather because this is when no one sails and everyone seeks shelter.

Therefore, the first and most important reason why you should opt for online berth booking is availability. If you want to secure a place for your boat prior to departing on holiday, you can easily do this online.

We can help you book a berth in a couple of minutes. We provide options all around the world and a fast and safe booking process.

On, you will have a complete list of the marinas where you can book berths. You can search for a place by simply entering your destination and dates. You will get different options and you will be able to compare the prices and facilities.

The online berth booking process aims to provide you more peace of mind and a safe sailing holiday.

If you book in advance with us, you can rest assured your boat will be safe, and so will you.

Why book a berth online?

You’re already dreaming about your next sailing trip through Europe. But you know what? Everybody else is doing exactly the same. With so many amazing destinations, secluded beaches and yet unexplored bohemian streets, it’s no surprise that every sailing lover wants the best spot in Europe’s marinas.

But what about your spot? You’ve probably noticed that in full season the most popular ports look something like this:

Early booking

Don’t panic, and most important, don’t give up your dream vacation. We have a simple and effective solution for this: early booking. You might think it is still early to start planning, but here are a few arguments to prove you otherwise.

1. Stress is bad for your holiday

Waiting until the last minute to book a berth usually makes things complicated and stressful. You will have to check for berth availability with multiple marinas, using multiple channels: phone, email, SMS (some are still even using fax machines). And while you wait for answers all your plans will be on hold. But you don’t need this on your vacation. The reason you took a few weeks off from office was precisely to have a break from emails and phone calls, remember?

2. You can take your pick

When time is putting pressure on you and everything is already booked, any place seems just fine. But the truth is that you want more for your trip. You want a marina with a spectacular view, outstanding services and unique attractions. You want to enjoy your favorite place and you want to be able to pick. This shouldn’t be just a beautiful dream; this is actually possible if you decide and book in advance.

3. Planning just makes it better

The journey and the arrival, the exploration and the recreation – basically the whole experience. Because if you book your berth early, you will also start thinking about the other details of your vacation and even make some extra research. For example if you know you’re docking near calm and crystal blue waters you might also start looking for water sport lessons; if you know that the marina is renowned for its vibrant nightlife you might search for parties and festivals to attend, and so on. So, you see, if you start planning now, later on you will be able to do… whatever floats your boat.

4. It’s easier than ever!

Booking a berth in advance is so effortless that you could easily do it while drinking your morning coffee. All you need to do is enter, search for your desired marina, set your vacation’s dates and send an availability request. If the marina’s policy allows early bookings for your preferred dates, you can make the transaction online and have your mooring reserved in less than an hour! Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

So now you know: early booking is actually smart booking because it allows you to get everything you wanted with minimum effort. Already dreaming about your next sailing trip through Europe? Book your berth on!

Where you could book berths

See the available marinas for online berth booking

More advantages on online berth booking

The earlier you book a berth, the bigger are your advantages. Why?

  • Because you want a stress-free holiday

Making a berth reservation is definitely not rocket science, whether you do it at home, at work or on the spot. However, the sooner you handle your marina reservation, the better for you. It will take a lot of pressure off your shoulders. So, when you actually get to your destination, all you’ll have to focus on is relaxation. 

No last-minute rush, no phones or emails on your holiday. You don’t want to spend precious time by trying to find an available marina during your holiday. Also, in some marinas, you might find it difficult to communicate with the staff in English. This will make it even more frustrating when you are already starting to panic because you can’t find a place to moor. Play it safe and make your booking prior to your vacation and avoid useless stress.

  • Because you can make a personalized choice

First come, first served is the rule of the game if you don’t have a prior reservation. And, of course, those who arrive last, get what is left. So, if you want a perfect berth for your boat, plan ahead. Only by booking online you get to choose the best option in terms of position, services, attractions. The places with the best view and easiest access are always booked first, especially in popular harbors. Make sure you’re among those who moor there.

  • Because your mooring place can make or break your vacation

A marina reservation is not just a place where you leave your boat for the night. Your berth booking choice will have a great impact on your entire vacation. If you don’t find a place in the marina you aim for, you might have to rethink your schedule. Why? Because if you are not in the right spot, everything changes. You spend more time on getting to and from your accommodation or visiting the objectives you wanted.

You spend more money on transportation which affects your holiday budget which might make you turn back home earlier than expected. You might also find that you are not able to practice the sports you planned to because the setting is not right or the marina can’t provide you the necessary facilities. Or you might want to go to a regatta or a show, but you can’t because the marina you hoped for is fully booked by the time you get there. In conclusion, there are many things that can go wrong if you don’t book a berth ahead.

  • Because it’s so easy to do it

Finally, there is minimum effort from your side if you decide to book a berth online. You can do everything in a few minutes without having to talk on the phone or negotiate face-to-face with anyone. With only a few clicks, you can check the availability of your desired marina on our website and pick your favorite choice. Just enter your holiday dates and submit your request. If the marina allows us, we will make an early-booking for you, ensuring a safe and pleasurable sailing experience. 

Have we managed to convince you? We hope so, because there’s really no point in postponing your berth reservation when you can easily make it online. Whether your holiday starts in a week or a year, we urge you to book a berth and get your marina reservation ahead.