Montenegro's Best Ports and Marinas

Montenegro’s best ports and marinas are a headline that certainly draws attention now that the summer’s about to begin. Montenegro has a plethora of beauties to offer and its diversified landscape will not let you down.

Moreover, the marinas in Montenegro can compete with any other berth booking facilities in Southern Europe. We can help you book a berth in some of the best-provided ports in Montenegro. But before you make a choice, learn more about the best marinas in Montenegro listed below:

Tivat lies at the very heart of the lovely Boka Kotorska Bay. What makes this place stand out is its impressive flora which gathers a large array of tropical and peculiar plant species. The Large Town Park is an oasis of beauty and peace where you can admire Tivat’s lush vegetation. Tivat is a perfect choice for families and fun-loving people. There are several cultural activities and objectives you can invest your time in: the Buća-Luković Museum & Gallery, the Maritime Heritage Collection etc.

Of course, for a passionate sailor, the harbor of Montenegro is the best side of the town. In Porto Montenegro, one of the most famous marinas in Montenegro, you will find all the facilities required for a pleasant stay: bars, dining places, top accommodation services, fashion boutiques. 

The port of Montenegro is a stunning display of the luxury lifestyle which typically accompanies yacht-owning. There are 450 berths here, for yachts of maximum 250 m and a comprehensive set of amenities.

Port of Montengro is a superyacht marina which aims to become one of the biggest worldwide.

Additionally, other marinas in Montenegro you can check out in this area are Lustica Bay Marina and Navar Marina (Bonici).

Lustica Bay Marina provides 50 berths of maximum 45 m and it lies in Trašte Bay along the fascinating Luštica peninsula. This is a recently built harbor where you can book quality slips in Montenegro.

Navar Marina is located in the close proximity of the Tivat airport and Marina Montenegro. The harbor is managed by a team of professionals who boast a decades-long experience. Some of their amenities include dry and wet berths, workshops, travelift.

2. Marina Kotor, Kotor

Kotor is one of the most popular destinations on the map of Montenegro. This is one of the best-preserved medieval jewels of Montenegro (and also a World Heritage site) and it is buzzing with tourists all summer long. There are multiple charming squares in the town. This is where most events and fun activities take place. The scenery on this part of the coast is breathtaking and the local restaurants will delight your hungry palate. 

Some of the best ports in Montenegro are located in Kotor. Marina Kotor, Marina Prcanj are two of these marinas in Montenegro that are worth mentioning.

Marina Kotor lies on the SE end of the great dock. You’ll see a sign as you approach it and each pontoon is tied to the dock by lines. The Marina Kotor staff will offer you full support if you want to dock here. But keep in mind, however, that this is a busy port in summer. Basic marina facilities, as well as potable water, bar and dining services are available here.

In Kotor, it is also possible to moor at a distance of 7 miles north of the town and at the river’s entrance.

Marina Prcanj is located at a distance of only a mile from the town of Kotor, in Glavati Prčanj which lies in the beautiful Boka Bay. It is a quiet marina where you can take your time and relax. Electricity, water, internet and mooring assistance are available here.

3. Duckley Marina Budva, Budva

The slips in Montenegro located in Budva are also among our best recommendations. Besides great berth booking facilities, this is also a great tourist destination, one of the best in Montenegro. The most exquisite part of the town is its old center which is located on a beautiful peninsula. Budva is one of the ancient human settlements founded on the Adriatic shore. So, if you are interested in history and arts, there’s plenty you can discover. Also, Budva is famous for its nightlife opportunities, so you’re bound to have a good time here.  

The Marinas in Montenegro found here, in Budva, are ready to meet your needs. The town’s docking area is located on the western side. The port is accompanied by a quay and the typical mooring style used here is the Mediterranean one. You can also anchor outside the town, as the bay has a south opening with a stable holding. If you have a dinghy, you need to go to the marina in order to reach the shore.

Our slip rental recommendation in Budva is Dukley Marina Budva, also known simply as Marina Budva. A marina reservation option that provides modern amenities, Marina Budva is one of sailors’ favorite choice for berths in Montenegro. The lovely scenery and the possibility to practice snorkeling or scuba diving are some extras you shouldn’t ignore.  

4. Port Herceg Novi, Herceg Novi

The ports in Montenegro situated in Herceg Novi should also bee on your stopover list if you’re planning a sailing vacation in Montenegro. Herceg Novi has a special trademark: its mimosa trees and an impressive number of stairs. It is a charming destination for a relaxing holiday. Here, you can lie on the beach all day or visit the numerous historical sites of Herceg Novi.

The harbor of Herceg Novi is oriented toward the South. The holding is very stable, providing a depth of approximately 5.5 m in sand and mud. There are two possibilities to dock here: either in the inner part of the marina or to the west. If you opt for the latter, pay attention to the frequent ferries that are passing by.

Port Herceg Novi is one of the best marinas in Montenegro found in this area. It provides 70 berths for boats of maximum 50m. All the berths have access to water and electricity.  Port Herceg Novi also offers bikes and cars for rent, fuel, internet, a laundromat, ship-chandler, video surveillance, night watchman.

5. Marina Sveti Nikola, Bar

Bar is the most renowned port in the country. Therefore, the berths in Montenegro found here are able to satisfy any exigency. Bar is a modern and effervescent town, filled with tourist objectives such as the old fortress and many beautiful areas covered in vegetation.

If you’re thinking of getting a marina reservation in Bar, you’ll find yourself in a very safe area. The ports in Montenegro located in Bar offer efficient shelter and there are multiple providers that can help you get a pontoon berth. As you sail towards one of the marinas in Montenegro situated in Bar, you can get in touch with the marina’s staff via VHF channel. This way, you can negotiate the rates before you get there.

The marinas in Bar we recommend are OMC Marina Sveti Nikola and Bar Marina.

OMC Marina Sveti Nikola is also known as Luka Bar and the Port of Bar. It is one of the main marinas in Montenegro, sheltering thousands of vessels throughout the season. It is an ideal location for water sports and it is close to commercial and accommodation facilities.

Bar Marina is situated at the heart of the town, in a gorgeous surrounding. There is a lovely beach right next to Bar Marina. If you’re interested in slips in Montenegro, this is a good choice as you will get a fast connection to other major stopovers on Montenegro’s coast.

If you’re looking for an authentic experience this summer, the best ports of Montenegro are a perfect choice. This place has seen an outstanding development in recent years, Yet, it is still bound to its traditions and culture which are worthy of praise. Discover the top things to do in Montenegro.

We can help you book a berth in any of the ports in Montenegro described above. If you’re seeking slips in Montenegro for your upcoming cruise, contact us. We will find the most suitable slip for your boat according to your preferences.