The 10 biggest and largest yachts in the World

The 10 biggest and largest yachts in the world are a sight that’s worth seeing and talking about. These vessels are not only impressive in terms of size. Their design and interior decor can match the most luxurious hotel en-suite.

These outstanding megayachts and superyachts are owned and operated by some of the richest men in the world, which only increases their mystery and charm. Read on and discover the 10 biggest and largest yachts in the world.

biggest and largest yachts in the World

10. Yas – 141 meters

Originally, Yas was a Dutch Navy frigate. Afterward, the United Arab Emirates purchased it and converted it into the glamorous yacht we now know. The transformation started in 2011 under the guidance of Pierrejean Vision. Yas is covered by immense glass pieces, it can accommodate 60 people and a crew of 56 members and can reach a speed of 26 knots.

Yas Yacht – 141 meters

9. A – 119 meters

The sailing yacht A has a very minimalistic name. Yet, by contrast, it boasts an impressive and utterly modern design. With hardly perceivable windows, peculiar tall composite masts, sheltered deck and shiny-metallic surface, the vessel signed by the Germans at Nobiskrug seems to have emerged from the future.

A megayacht

8. El Mahrousa - 145.72 meters

El Mahrousa is Egypt’s presidential yacht. It was built by the British Samuda Brothers and finished in 1865. El Mahrousa is the oldest superyacht in the world. The vessel has seen numerous changes over the years such as lengthening modifications. El Mahrousa is rarely exposed in public, normally, the Egyptian Navy takes it out in the open for a couple of days a year.

7. Prince Abdulaziz - 147

Prince Abdulaziz is another one of the world’s biggest yachts. This customized vessel was initially launched in 1984 and underwent modernization works in 2005. Prince Abdulaziz is part of Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family fleet. The lobby of this ultra-elegant yacht whose interior designer was David Nightingale Hicks resembles the Titanic.

Prince Abdulaziz

6. Topaz -147 meters

Topaz ranks no. 6 on our world’s biggest superyacht list. The German shipyard Lürssen launched this vessel in 2012. Among its facilities, we can name the helipads located on the foredeck, the swimming pool on the lower aft deck and, presumably, an elegant interior which hasn’t been made available for the public eye yet.

Topaz Yacht - 147 meters

5. Al Saïd - 155 meters

The Sultan Qaboos of Oman owns this jewel of the sea. The luxury vessel was ordered in 2006 and built by the Lürssen shipyard. The opulent yacht maintains a cruise liner exterior. The interior was designed by Redman Whiteley Dixon and it has a 50-person capacity concert hall. 150 crew members and 65 passengers can board the Al Saïd.

Al Said Yacht - one of the largest and biggest yachts in the world

4. Dilbar - 156 meters

Among the biggest superyachts in the world, we have to include the Dilbar. Built by Lürssen and launched in 2015, this is the largest yacht worldwide for its volume. On the outside, Dilbar has long flowing decks, a 25 m swimming pool, and 2 helicopter pads. On the inside, it is said to be built out of the finest materials by Winch Design.

dilbar one of the largest yachts in the world

3. Dubai - 162 meters

Dubai is owned by the vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The construction required more than $400 million. More than 115 people can board this exquisite yacht. Dubai has an atrium that’s almost 25 m wide, a disco, a cinema, a helipad, a submarine garage.

dubai one of the largest yachts in the world

2. Eclipse - 163.5 meters

Blohm+Voss built this luxury superyacht owned by the notorious billionaire, Roman Abramovich. Among its outstanding features, Eclipse boasts a disco hall, a spa, a gym, helipads, different hot tubs, a beach club 24 guest cabins, a palatial master suite a minisubmarine, 3 launch boats, missile detection system. Eclipse needs a crew of 70.

1. Azzam - 180 meters

Currently, the biggest yacht in the world is Azzam, commissioned by the president of the United Arab Emirates. The world’s biggest yacht cost about $605 million. Azzam has a main salon (29m long), a submarine, a missile defense system. The luxury interior decor was designed by Christophe Leoni.

Azzam the biggest and largest yacht in the world

The biggest superyacht in the world can reach 30 knots. Azzam has been the biggest yacht in the world for the past 5 years.

Azzam the largest and biggest yacht in the world

The largest superyachts in the world are a display of unparalleled elegance. They are built to impress and achieve this goal whenever they appear in public, causing awe and admiration. is here to help you book your berths among our partner marinas across Europe:

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