THE Best Marinas and Ports of Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez best ports and marinas

Best Marinas and Ports of Saint Tropez

Saint-Tropez’s best marinas and ports should be on your upcoming sailing route. Stunning Saint-Tropez is a place where glam and natural beauty complement each other. Check out our Saint-Tropez travel guide.

If you want to sail in Southern France, you should not miss the opportunity to see this famous destination. Explore the best marinas in Saint Tropez.

Explore the best Saint Tropez marina reservation options displayed below:

1. Port de Saint Tropez

Port de Saint Tropez is located in the homonymous town south of the Saint-Tropez Gulf. It is one of the best marina reservation choices on the French Riviera.

Port de Saint Tropez is full of life in the summer when vessels of all sizes moor here. Once, it was a modest harbor for small fishing boats.

However, today, Marina de Saint Tropez has evolved into one of the most modern places to drop anchor. It is a famous gathering point for international sailors looking for VIP treatment. The landmark that will help you get here is the red lighthouse.

Nearby, you will find top tourist services such as restaurants, cafés and 5-star accommodation options. Moreover, the surrounding area is a perfect place for a quiet stroll along the shore.

Port de Saint Tropez welcomes guests with top marina services. Their comprehensive offer includes, among others, chandler, helipad, crane, laundry, market, diving service, fuel, waste collection. With an overall surface of 10 h, this Saint Tropez marina can accommodate up to 800 vessels.

Port de Saint Tropez is an ideal berth booking option for sailors who want exclusive service and maximum comfort.

Port Saint Tropez Marina
Port de Saint Tropez

2. Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud is located in the homonymous commune in the department of Var. It lies at a distance of only 7km from Saint Tropez and Sainte Maxime.

Therefore, marina Port Grimaud enjoys a great position on the French Riviera and is a popular place for a marina reservation. Built in the ’60s according to a plan that included water channels, Port Grimaud is also known as the Venice of Provence.

Consequently, the surrounding will remind you of the beautiful Italian city. With charming waterfront houses of different shapes and colors, the village of Port Grimaud is a Mediterranean jewel. 

As you disembark, you can take a walk down the streets and admire the unique design of the port. The houses are located on 4 small islands connected through bridges. Also, lush green gardens surround the houses and make this place even more welcoming.

Port Grimaud harbor is a great place to relax during your holidays and to practice water sports. So, if you love skiing, snorkeling, diving or scuba-diving, don’t hesitate to come here.

Furthermore, there is a beautiful sandy beach in the proximity. The nearby hilltop settlements, isolated coves, the Massif des Maures, the church of St-Francois-d’Assise are other worthy attractions.

Port Grimaud provides top notch services including internet, market, restaurant, bar, dressing rooms, medical service.

Marina Port Grimaud

3. Port de Cogolin

Port de Cogolin is a charming marina located in the Gulf of Saint Tropez, along the river Giscle. More precisely, it lies between the Marines de Cogolin and the previously mentioned Port Grimaud.

Basically, Port de Cogolin is an inland harbor situated on a peninsula. This particular position makes it a safe marina reservation choice.

Furthermore, being somehow isolated, it is also a very quiet retreat. A distance of half a mile separates the sea and Port Cogolion. No bridges are built between the sea and the settlement.

Consequently, to moor here you don’t have to worry about the airdraft limitation. Guests can access all the necessary touristic services including accommodation, boutiques, shopping center, and dining places.

Port de Cogolin is known for its friendly approach and welcoming environment. They provide 66 moorings in the Grand Bassin, 38 slips in the small basin and 61 along the river. The mooring is usually stern-to.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that marina Port de Cogolin is primarily known as a residential harbor. Most people who moor here are acquainted with the locals, which enhances the hospitable ambience.   

Port de Cogolin
Port Cogolin Marina

4. Port Prive de Sainte Maxime

Port Prive de Sainte Maxime lies in the homonymous village, facing Saint Tropez. Located close to the center of the village, it provides quick access to all the facilities one might require.

Aside from a beautiful landscape, Port Prive Sainte Maxime also boasts a large set of services. Their offer includes fuel station, laundry service, showers, ice, technical service, security, crane, selective waste collection. Contract works, repairs and boats for sale are also available.

The vessels that can moor here may reach up to 26 m. Sainte Maxime Port Prive has a capacity of 375 moorings.  If you are looking for a cozy marina near Saint Tropez, you should consider this choice.

Sainte Maxime is a family-oriented marina where you will feel like you belong. Genuinely hospitable, the staff are always ready to assist you. Moreover, there is a rich program of events taking place on-site. In other words, you will never get bored during your stay here.

Port Prive de Sainte Maxime

5. Sainte Maxime Port 

Sainte Maxime Port is located in the little town of Saint-Maxime, in the department of Var.

A quiet and safe marina, it ensures safe shelter on any weather conditions. The landmark to look out for as you sail here is the bridge over Préconcil. Sainte Maxime

Port is divided into 2 parts: the public and the private port, previously discussed. Sainte Maxime Port has an overall capacity of 780 moorings. The berths are located on quays and pontoons.

Moreover, all of them are provided with water and electricity. The maximum length of the vessels may reach 26 m. The water depth here varies between 1 and 8 meters. Due to its 60 m entrance, you can easily maneuver your vessel in and out of Sainte Maxime port.

If you want to book a berth here, you may reach the port via VHF channel 9. Some of the services provided by Port Prive de Sainte Maxime include crane, dressing rooms, service station, weather forecast, electricity.

The area surrounding Sainte Maxime Port is ideal for sailing and other nautical activities. Because of its position in the Gulf of St.Tropez, it’s a great departure point. 

Sainte Maxime Port
Sainte Maxime Port

These are our top recommendations for anyone who’s seeking a Saint Tropez marina. Also, you can read more about the tourist attractions in Saint-Tropez.

We are always ready to provide you more information on each one of them. Finally, don’t forget that we can help you make a marina reservation in St Tropez, at any time.

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